Joel Embiid Makes Kevin Hart Look Like Small Child While Hanging Out At Eagles Game

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Joel Embiid is having himself quite the weekend. The 76ers center had his best game of the season in a comeback win over the Nuggets on Saturday and was treated like royalty Sunday at the NFC Championship Game.

Embiid, who has been in Philadelphia since 2014, is a big Eagles fan. Having grown up in Cameroon, living in Florida, and playing his college ball at Kansas, he never really had a team.

Now that he resides in the City of (not so) Brotherly Love, Embiid backs the Birds. The 28-year-old famously surprised a local news anchor on the streets while celebrating the team’s Super Bowl win in 2018 and frequently shows up in the stands.

As a man of the people, Embiid often rolls through the parking lot to be amongst the tailgating fans before retiring to his box suite. On Sunday, he skipped the fanfare and went straight to the sideline during pregame.

While there, Embiid met up with fellow Philly fanatic Kevin Hart. The height difference is staggering.

Embiid is 7-foot-0. Hart is 5-foot-2. There is 22-inch difference between the two!

When the Fox cameraman tried to get their conversation in 4k, it barely fit them both in the same frame. Hart was pushed down into the corner, with only his head and shoulders visible.

A photo of the two standings side-by-side, along with Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin, really puts the height difference into perspective.

Kevin Hart’s head barely reaches Joel Embiid’s chest!

Embiid towers over both of his sideline companions, but Hart looks like a small child.

Hart, at 5-foot-2, has to deal with most people being taller than he is on a day-to-day basis. Even his wife has 4 inches on him.

Rarely, though, is he face-to-face with a 7-footer. Pretty hilarious juxtaposition between them!

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  1. Rubin is a nerdy White punk with a lot of money who hangs out only with black athletes and rappers. He thinks it makes him look like one of the cool kids. Just makes him the dick that he is. Probably got made fun of constantly while growing up. Michael Rubin, haha, sissy boy.

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