Joe Rogan: ‘Toxic’ Twitter Will Be ‘Like Blockbuster’

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On a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan expressed his concerns with a platform called Twitter.

Rogan described it by the one word that’s most fitting: toxic.

“Why are you spending so much time complaining about other people all day?” Rogan said to guests, Whitney Cummings and Annie Lederman. “I’ll tell you why, because you’re not healthy. If I look at your Twitter timeline and I’m seeing tweets 12 hours a day, you’re a crazy person!”

Rogan, who has been ahead of the pack on the future of tech industries in the past, predicts that Twitter will one day have no influence.

“I think Twitter’s gonna be like Blockbuster video. I think we’re gonna look back, ‘you remember when we used to communicate through Twitter? Like, oh my God it was so toxic. Everybody was so mean.’”

I disagree. As much of a positive as a decline in Twitter usage would be for individuals across the country, it’s unlikely. Especially as the media now lives on the platform and uses it as a tool to promote news, opinions, brands, and episodes.

Streaming killed Blockbuster. If Twitter is to experience a similar threat, that enemy is still in the lab.

Twitter is vulnerable to a slip, not death. High-ranking conservative media personalities and politicians have grave concerns that, on Twitter, their content is throttled, unwanted, and at the risk of being de-platformed. Hence the rise of Parler, an alternative. But the mainstream media has stayed right where it’s comfortable, on Twitter. This will not change.

The rest of Rogan’s rant is spot-on, though. Twitter, like most online platforms, is poisonous. It rewards extreme thinking, negativity, and hate. Whatever level of fun it had three years ago, was omitted by aggressive mobs living to ruin careers and lives. It is a place of no decency.

Oh, as for those spending 12 hours a day on Twitter … hopefully, they are profiting (a lot).

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.


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  1. I disconnected from Facebook and Twitter 5 years ago, best decision I ever made. I knew that I was done when it dawned on me that I was planning my off day activities around what would look cool on facebook, rather than just enjoying my life. Something will eventually come along to replace it, hopefully we get to the point where people look at social media as the poison that it is. Peer pressure with young people is a powerful tool, if we reach the point that its no longer “cool”, that would be a great start.

  2. Twitter already has terminal cancer, they just haven’t got the diagnosis yet.

    I say this a person that probably spends way too much time on the platform (really the only social media i’ve been using). It’s not just that it’s toxic for all the obvious reasons, but the recent bans and other censorship moves are making the environment less and less fun. I go there for some info, the memes and maybe to troll a little, but you can tell all the fun that was there is in the process of dying.

    Sure mainstream media will never give it up, but that doesn’t mean anything to the rest of us. If the general public gets bored with it and leaves for something better, or maybe no replacement, it’s not going to matter that it’s the MSM preferred social platform. Besides, only a small percentage of the overall population is even on twitter, it’s a much smaller bubble than you’d think.

    Pretty soon, the social media obsessed mainstream media will be will smith at the end of Fresh Prince of Bel Air… the only ones left in an empty house.

  3. I quit facebook and twitter and told my wife if there is anything said I need to know you can tell me or they can contact me through you. and about once a year she tells me something. that was about what I remember on how important facebook is. and twitter is worse.

  4. I refer to Twitter as “The 3rd World of Social Media”. I tried it, got my fill of the negativity, and had to get away from it. If social media was assigned to Hogwarts’ houses, Twitter is obviously Slytherin.

  5. twitter is a big fake sewer… i really do not have many friends and family who are actually on twitter… most people i know that have tried do not continue to use it.. ask your friends and family if they are on twitter i was amazed to learn nobody really uses it. it just so fake.

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