Joe Rogan Buys $14.4 Million Texas Mansion

The social justice warriors at Spotify trying to censor Joe Rogan won’t like this. Unlike those hacks, Rogan just bought a $14.4 million lakefront-mansion in Austin, Texas.

And unlike disingenuous elitist John Legend, when Rogan doesn’t like where he lives, he makes a move. Rogan took his $100 million podcasting business from California to Texas. Legend said the country is so awful with President Trump that Americans are about to leave — then buys a $17.5 million Beverly Hills manse.

Rogan’s new place in Austin: 

Joe Rogan Austin house - 4
Joe Rogan Austin house - 3
Joe Rogan Austin house - 2
Joe Rogan Austin house - 1

A place like that makes you not care your random colleagues are threatening to strike after demanding content flags, trigger warnings, references to fact-checked information, and the option to block episodes from publication…

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Will happily buy Legend and any Other famous rich leftist a one-way (coach) ticket out of this country the next time they blather on about how awful America, Trump and his supporters are. Doubt I will get any takers.

  2. I think he could have purchased Adrian Peterson’s Texas Mansion for less 👨

    I think from now on, when celebrities buy mansions, they must prove that they live there at least once in a while.

    Shaq has a castle for sale in Orlando, but he lives in Miami and elsewhere. Where are the videos of Shaq living and doing stuff at his houses.

    I’m a broker and my clients wanna know 😷

  3. Hey Bobby…cool photos and nice write-up.
    Maybe Joe hasn’t heard this, but even though TEXAS’ gain is CALI’s loss, Gov. Windsome is passing a wealth tax on millionaires that is gonna be RETRO for 10 years!!! So even if the rich folks leave the land of milk and honey, they’re still gonna be on the hook…is this a great country or what LMAO.

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