Joe Rogan Tests Positive For COVID-19, Forced To Cancel Show

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The internet’s most notable name in podcasting, Joe Rogan, announced on Wednesday that he has tested positive for COVID-19. Rogan has not confirmed his vaccination status, but has been at the center of every discussion regarding the coronavirus pandemic since March 2020.

The breaking news came a day after Rogan went on social media to announce that his joint show with comedian Dave Chappelle had been postponed for reasons not yet announced.

Rogan gave an update on Wednesday, claiming he initially experienced mild symptoms over the weekend and quarantined himself away from family with the suspicion of having caught COVID.

Always intrigued by the unconventional, Rogan stated in an Instagram video that he was taking a variety of treatments to help expedite a full recovery from COVID.

“[W]e threw the kitchen sink at it, all kinds of meds,” mentioned Rogan. The collection of medications included Z-Pac, prednisolone, NAD IV drip therapy, monoclonal antibodies and ivermectin. Ivermectin has recently caught buzz in the news, and attention from the CDC, for its supposed positive effect on COVID — notably for those who have decided to forego the vaccine.

Joe Rogan and his Spotify-backed platform has received its fair share of online criticism for pushing back against mandatory vaccination, vaccine passports and for openly discussing experimental treatments that may mitigate effects from the virus. Because of his past controversies, the media had recently accused Rogan of being “anti-science,” and many condemned him for using drugs like Ivermectin to treat COVID.

Ivermectin first made the news when YouTube banned Republican Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) for touting the efficacy rates of hydroxychloroquine and the deworming drug.

Rogan apologized to his viewers for postponing the show in Nashville because of his positive test. He signed off sounding confident that the positive COVID diagnosis will only be a speed bump on his stand-up tour.

“Much love to you all.”

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  1. Alejandro – you may be intrigued by the cocktail of meds Rogan took to recover for the symptoms of COVID-19, but I’m more intrigued why he didn’t get vaccinated months ago? I don’t understand why some people are so stubborn about getting vaccinated. Now the only people interred at hospitals with COVID-19 are unvaccinated. Not too hard to connect the dots.

  2. Quote, “Ivermectin has recently caught buzz in the news, and attention from the CDC, for its supposed positive effect on COVID — notably for those who have decided to forego the vaccine”, where did you pull this from? Trump was talking about Ivermectin last fall (October 2020) guess we have different definitions of recent.

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