Joe Rogan Expresses Discomfort Surrounding Joe Biden Campaign

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Joe Biden hasn’t spent much time in front of cameras the past few months and his absence led Joe Rogan to conclusions on how Americans feel on a potential Biden presidency.

The pandemic led most Americans out of work with more time to evaluate the campaign trail than ever before. Joe Biden’s Waldo impersonation felt obvious to most aware Americans, but Joe Rogan addressing his health will only magnify the problem. 

Presidential elections are widely based on public perception where polling never gave an honest temperature. Joe Rogan, while not being a conservative himself, recognizes hiding Joe Biden scares middle ground voters.

The Former Vice President routinely forgets where he is, while also unintentionally thrusting himself into the headlines claiming a vote for Trump meant “You ain’t black.” Not an ideal phrase to spew when you won’t be speaking publicly to defend yourself. 

Democrats seemed to pull the reins on the 77-year-old and went into damage control for the November election.

The new wave of mail-in ballots to keep Biden off the campaign trail shouldn’t work. Attending rallies and sitting through crafted speeches was a habit of the people to feel comfortable voting. That entire process is being pulled off the tracks that Joe Rogan brilliantly points out. 

Rogan usually has a more in touch connection with the American people, so don’t be shocked when voters echo their discomfort voting for a man screaming to “defund the police” from his basement.

The obvious attempt to claim fear of COVID as an excuse to punt on the campaign trail will only take Biden so far. Joe Rogan using his platform will either pry Biden out of his turtle shell or risk further damage for the election just a few months away…

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. If you vote for Joe Biden you are siding with rioting, looting, burning down police precincts, tearing down statutes,ruining small businesses, stagnant economy, higher taxes to pay for the Green New Deal, he will cave to China, less policing and high crime, more 2nd Amendment restrictions – if you truly want the above polices vote for Biden

    Otherwise your only viable alternative is Donald Trump.

    If you vote for President Trump you are siding with reduced regulation, school choice, tariffs, immigration control, fighting China and their constant theft of IP, tax cuts and job creation. Especially for poor and entry level jobs.

  2. Joe Biden is a lifelong politician who has never held down a real job or meet a payroll obvious health issues on a human issue he should just retire spend the time with his family. Just remember how great the economy was back in February before all this craziness started. That was a result of good policies by our president and we can get right back to that.

    • Now hold on there, Gregory…he calls himself “Lunch Pail Joe”?
      Damn…I knew he enriched himself and several family members with great wealth over many decades in the swamp, but he didn’t actually have a lunch pail when he took Amtrak’s Acela Express to work?

      • So true… Its amazing that families like the Biden’s actually think they are blue collar Americans. His Son got paid $50,000 per month to sit on a Ukrainian board over a 5 year period, and literally never visited the country one time during the 5 years. If you looked up the definition of corruption in the dictionary there would be a picture of Joe and Hunter. Absolutely astounding. That deal almost makes the Clinton’s look honest by comparison.

  3. Genuinely curious how the average American or undecided voter feels regarding Biden as a candidate and his overall campaign (or lack thereof).

    To me Biden’s appeal is that he is allegedly “moderate”. But realistically if he wins he won’t be running a damn thing. His VP choice and congressional leaders of the Dem party would be running roughshod with whatever policies they deem necessary.

  4. Biden doesn’t even have the same size of a base that Hillary did. He’s cannon fodder. The DNC has PUNTED on this election. Whether it’s a pragmatic view of reality, reality their media attempts to subvert on a minute basis, or a long-con ploy to get their party back towards the center by letting the Woke Brigade see themselves the abject rejection the American people have for them I don’t know. But they aren’t really so stupid as to not see the handwriting on the wall.

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