Joe Rogan Credits Fox News For Support, Clay Travis Responds

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OutKick founder Clay Travis said we’re at an interesting place and point in time when Fox News is one of the top defenders of comedians.

“When I started OutKick back in 2011 —11 years ago — I never would have believed that we would reach the point where you would be talking about Joe Rogan and whether jokes are appropriate or acceptable enough,” Travis said. “[Along with others like] Dave Chappelle, that you would have all these different comedians that are having to step out and say, ‘Yeah, we can make jokes. We like jokes.'”

Travis said the counterprotest against the transgender joke protest has been one of the funniest things he’s seen.

“Ricky Gervais is now is under fire for transgender jokes that he made on his Netflix special,” Travis continued. “And I got to be honest with you, I never would have believed that — 11 years into Outkick. One of the foremost defenders of humor on the Internet would be Outkick, a site that I started to just have fun talking about college football, and then the world has gotten so insane that we have to become some of the foremost defenders of the rights of comedians to actually make jokes. It’s wild that we could have ever been here or found ourselves in this situation.”

Watch everything Clay Travis had to say below, and watch Wednesday’s full episode of OutKick The Show by clicking here.

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