Joe Rogan Transformed His Body with Carnivore Diet

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There are people you don’t poke fun at. Joe Rogan is one of them.

On his podcast, Joe Rogan said last year he was “fat-shamed.” The superstar podcaster didn’t like it and changed his diet. As noted by Give Me Sports, in January, Rogan cut out all fruits, vegetables, and nuts to complete the “World Carnivore Month” challenge.

Take a look:

Rogan, 52, is at the point where you have to root against him, no? When an individual is great at more than one thing, we, as a country, rebel against them. Remember the moment we found out Bradley Cooper could sing?

Joe Rogan got $100 million from Spotify. That was supposed to be good enough.

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  1. I like Joe Rogan and listen to him whenever i get a chance but there is a bit more going on there besides diet and that’s okay as far as i’m concerned 52 dude looks great!

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