Joe Mixon Challenges Roger Goodell To Expensive Coin Toss After Being Fined For Mocking NFL With TD Celebration

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Joe Mixon has issued a challenge to Roger Goodell. It stems from his touchdown celebration last weekend in the wake of Damar Hamlin’s harrowing collapse and subsequent scheduling decisions.

Last week, after Monday Night Football between Cincinnati and Buffalo was canceled, the NFL made a decision that frustrated Bengals fans, players and coaches. It had to do with a crucial coin toss.

Baltimore and Cincinnati played each other last Sunday to conclude the regular season. If the latter was to win, a coin flip would determine which side would host next weekend’s Wild Card game between the same two teams. If the former was to win, it would host the Wild Card game.

The Bengals ended up winning, so they will host the game on Sunday night.

As Mixon takes the field for the playoffs, his bank account will be $13,261 lighter— unless Goodell accepts his challenge.

During last weekend’s win over the Ravens, Mixon mocked the NFL’s coin flip decision by celebrating an early touchdown with… a coin toss! A few of his teammates also got in on the celebration.

In direct response to the ridicule, Mixon was hit with a fine on Friday. He has another idea.

Mixon challenged Goodell to a coin toss.

If it’s heads, he’ll pay the fine. If it’s tails, Goodell would pony up the $13k and donate the money to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cincinnati.

There is a very slim chance that Goodell actually accepts the challenge. In fact, it’s safe to say that he won’t.

However, Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson was the one who originally suggested the coin flip celebration. He has offered to pay Mixon’s fine in full.

It was pretty lame of the NFL to fine Mixon in the first place, but nobody can criticize the machine!

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