Joe Burrow Gets Frosted With Impressive No. 9 Diamond Necklace

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Joe Burrow spent the summer living in his parents house saving up for this moment when Jeweler to the Ballers, Leo Frost, rolled into Cincinnati to deliver a beautiful No. 9 diamond necklace. This is a great lesson to all the kids out there who want flashy jewelry: go play one of the greatest seasons in college football history, win the Heisman, the national title, be the No. 1 overall pick and then save up for the necklace.

While Andy Dalton was holding down this job over the last nine years like a good family-man middle manager at a Fortune 500 agribusiness, Burrow went out and made it impossible for the Bengals to take anyone else with the No. 1 pick and drop a $23.9 million signing bonus in his lap.

The middle manager is out and the 18k white gold and VVS diamonds wearing kid just out of college is here to spice things up along the Ohio River. That’s why Leo Frost, whose moniker is ‘It Costs To Frost,’ was strapping all those diamonds around Joe’s neck.

Now Joe looks ready to win the Bengals first playoff game since January 6, 1991.

Honestly this necklace looks pretty cool. I’m thinking about getting a fake diamond No. 98 necklace in honor of what I normally shoot on the golf course. Guys would ask about the necklace and I’d drop a “that’s what I’m about to shoot today,” and it’s going to leave fellow golfers gasping for air. Total conversation piece at the 19th hole.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Like Stephen says…love the #98, Joe…well played.
    To use Chris’ “Debbie downer” expression…I gotta push back on #9…maybe cuz I’m old, but look at Joe comin’ outta the elevator…he already has buyer’s remorse.

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