Joe Burrow Shares How He Nerds Out With Super Smash Bros. While Traveling To Away Games Instead Of Watching Film

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Joe Burrow is set to play for his second-straight AFC Championship on Sunday. As much as society, understandably, touts the former Heisman Trophy winner and No. 1 overall pick as a larger-than-life figure, he’s just a normal dude.

In fact, Burrow is a self-admitted nerd.

Every quarterback in the NFL is different when it comes to their preparation. Some of them like to spend the time traveling to away games going over film and making last-minute adjustments. Others like to run up and down the aisles while their teammates try to relax or catch some extra Zs.

That was well-documented earlier this year.

Burrow does neither of those two things.

While it might seem bad that a starting quarterback is not spending every waking moment going over film and breaking down opposing defenses, the Bengals’ signal-caller is already finished with that portion of the week by the time he gets on the plane. Instead, he uses that trip — like the 90ish-minute flight from Cincinnati to Kansas City this weekend — to let loose and have some fun.

Burrow revealed on Friday that he spends that time playing Super Smash Bros. And on Saturday, where he would usually watch college or NFL football, he will probably do the same.

This is not revolutionary news, as his love for video games has been well-documented. Burrow has always been proud of his Super Smash Bros. skills, and was at one point banned from playing the game with his friends because he is too good.

As for who he plays with, the 26-year-old is a Ness main. Ness comes from the 1994 Super NES game EarthBound in which he serves as the game’s main protagonist and playable character.

Joe Burrow uses him in Smash Bros. and is apparently pretty dominant!

Burrow also shared that he is not the only one who picks up the sticks. He says that linebacker Clay Johnston is among the best on the team.

This makes for a pretty funny mental picture: all of the Bengals on a plane to the AFC title game, with Nintendo Switch in hand, going crazy on some Smash Bros. And seeing as they have all worked hard to perfect their craft in one of the most competitive professional fields in the world, the games probably get pretty heated!

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