Joe Biden Reaches 270+ on First Major Outlet

Decision Desk HQ is the first major outlet to declare Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election with over 270 electoral votes.

At 8:50 a.m. ET, the outlet officially projected that Biden had won Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral college votes, to put the former vice president at 273.

Here is Decision Desk’s map:

The TV networks are yet to call the race, but all are inching toward a Joe Biden victory.

Fox News, which called Arizona blue Tuesday night, is the closest. Fox News has Biden leading 264-214, with Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Georgia leaning blue. North Carolina is the only remaining state Fox News has leaning red.

Byron York, a columnist for the Washington Examiner, told Fox News that Joe Biden’s victory could come by the end of the day.

“I think it actually could come today,” York said. “That doesn’t mean the president comes out and concedes today. There will be a lot of pressure on him to do that. But we’ve had races in the past where the losing candidate did not concede for a while. Waited for some challenges to take place. Waited for what’s called canvassing to take place in a lot of local areas. So it doesn’t mean everything is wrapped up in a string. But it appears to me that Biden reaching 270 is getting pretty darn close.”

President Donald Trump is disputing the map projections that show Biden in a commanding lead:

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Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. This is not close to being over yet regardless of the msm and even Fox rushing to declare Biden victor. These mail-ballots were watermarked for blockchain security tracking this year. They can trace ballots to each person and determine if they’re missing, altered or duplicated now. Let’s wait and see how these recounts go. I think everyone smells something a bit fishy in these swing states.

  2. Obviously something going on when they won’t allow observers who by law have a right to be there in to do their jobs they are hiding something if not why not let them in. And trying to convince us that this weakest candidate in history has received more votes than any previous presidential candidate that is totally absurd and unbelievable.

  3. Trump was exposing the crimes of the deep state establishment. He had to go. This massive voter fraud has been orchestrated over the past 4 years to get rid of him in case the endless persecutions didn’t work. The mumbling bumbling creepy extremely senile criminal pervert racist crazy Joe Biden will allow the deep state to resume criminal activities, including the Biden family crime and bribe activity unimpeded and uninvestigated until the deep state is ready for the cackling communist Krapmala Giggles Harris to become the top puppet. Then Joe will quietly take his bribe money and fade away while the cowardly GOP just stands by and watches.
    Trump was a party of one fighting against an insurmountable force consisting of the leftist lapdog media, the criminals, perverts and pedophiles of the Hollywood Hezbullah, the massive one world government big tech machine, and the evil deep state government machine. The fact that he survived 4 years is a miracle. That’s why we support Trump.

    • Same. I went to bed last night and Trump was up by 30K in Pennsylvania. Now Biden won the state.

      I figured Biden would win by what I saw on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. But this “trust us, nothing to see here” type of reporting is bonkers. Even if nothing nefarious is happening, it sure gives the impression of impropriety

  4. Although I despise social media, there are voices of reason to be found there. If you look (assuming Jack Dorsey and the leftists don’t suddenly pull the plug on all voices of reason), you can still find hope. The following great quote from “The Election Wizard” on twitter (who I have been following) sums up my feelings:

    “Regardless of what happens in this election, Trump won.

    He broke the system.

    He broke the media.

    He broke the pollsters.

    Nothing will ever be the same because Trump won.”

    Those of us who still love our country have to keep fighting. This is not just about the next 4 years. Regardless of what recounts say, Trump won the real battle. He showed us the vast extent of manipulation around us. Minorities voted for GOP in this election in the greatest numbers ever since 1960. There are cracks in the left’s facade. Regardless of recounts, Trump broke them. More and more of their lies are being exposed. They will crumble before the next election.

  5. Is anyone actually surprised about how this has played out? Even with all the deranged Trump haters out there, if covid never happened and the economy stayed on course this wouldn’t have been a close election at all. After covid and all the mass mail in voting was announced I could see this playing out exactly the way it has. Each candidate would win the typical red & blue states and the battlegrounds would be a shit show.

    The people pushing mass mail in voting and claiming there wouldn’t be and has never been issues with fraud from mail votes clearly had ulterior motives. Covid was the perfect excuse and the Democrats pimped the system.

    • What’s the point of voting when for every legal vote they can put in 2 or more fake ones Biden will be the first president that will be fraudulently elected and every election going forward will be the same with court battles to pick the president not the people of the United States we are now the subjects of whoever the courts want to be president

  6. The media isn’t the kingmaker…this is far from over.

    And Trump won this…he may not get the presidency (I still think he will pending the courts)…but he won because he exposed what the Deep State, globalism and the swamp really is…communism.

  7. We need a federal law that anyone that participates in voter fraud involving 5 or more votes in a national election has committed treason. Maybe these Democratic operatives would hesitate a little if they might face a firing squad.

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