Joe Biden Makes His VP Pick

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Joe Biden has finally picked his running mate.

This afternoon, Biden’s campaign announced he will be joined by Sen. Kamala Harris of California.

For months, Harris has been deemed the frontrunner. Though, recent reports indicated Susan Rice had gained momentum.

Harris, with her experience, was the safe choice. It didn’t make sense for Biden, with his widespread poll leads over Trump, to take any risks. Though, as President Trump pointed out this morning on Outkick, VP picks rarely have any impact on voters.

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  1. Other than having an unlikable rating through the roof, bragging about putting marijuana possessors in jail, keeping people in jail as prosecutor beyond their sentence to use as cheap labor, sleeping with Willie Brown to get her appointment and bringing a state that is already firmly in the Biden camp, it was a great pick. *eyeroll*

    • I agree. She was not the safe choice for most Americans, just the corporate and individual mega-donors who love her. Senator Harris works for the Obamas and the Clintons, and Biden is just a napkin holder.

      CA was a safe get for the Democrats, so I wonder why she was chosen amongst the political class. Maybe they know they are going to lose? I am at a loss as to the choice.

      • That’s my theory, that the Dems realize that they are going to lose. Kamala doesn’t get anyone on the left excited, certainly not the Bernie wing of the party.

  2. Who is taking these polls? BLM rioters? Antifa members? I have talked to roughly 50 people and about 5 of them think Biden is a good choice. Not saying everyone else is in love with Trump, but Biden has Alzheimer’s.

  3. Yes but if he wins I predict he’ll resign in a year and she becomes president and can run 2 more times giving us 11 years of democratic rule so we have to stop that my god

  4. Great Job Joe. You said you were going to pick an African American woman to be your VP and you couldn’t even get that right. African American generally denotes descendants of enslaved black people who are from the United States. Unfortunately, Kamala Harris’ father emigrated from Jamaica and her mom is from India. She might be half black, but technically, she isn’t African American.

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