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Joe Biden: A Game-Managing QB, Costing His Team Wins

A new NPR poll found that President Joe Biden’s approval rating among independents has tumbled to 36%, a 10% drop from July. Combined with 85% of approval from Democrats and 5% from Republicans, Biden’s overall rating sits at 43%, his lowest since taking office. While these numbers do not signal the definitive end of what’s left of Joe Biden, they do disrupt his entire game plan. Biden’s plan to run the country mirrored how he campaigned in 2020. He planned to hide, let the Republicans self-destruct, and allow the media to remind the country he isn’t Donald Trump. However, that strategy is no longer plausible following the events of Afghanistan. Now, Biden has to go out and win re-election. And therein lies the issue. Look at Biden as a game-managing quarterback in the NFL. The American voters would never ask him to be excellent. They had only hoped he wouldn’t be an unmitigated disaster. No one could knock the optimism. Like any QB striving to be average, Biden won the job because the decision-makers — in this case, the voters — viewed the starter as more reckless than efficient. Thanks to Trump’s rhetoric, COVID, and mail-in voting, Biden won by […]



Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.