Joe Biden Refuses Ear Check Before Debate

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The presidential debate is tonight and we may not get through the day.

After Joe Biden’s campaign agreed to an inspection for electronic earpieces, his crew is now rejecting.

Get this:

If anything, this is monumentally dumb. Biden’s main obstacle is proving he is fit for office. And he’s able to make points and decisions absent of his helpful teleprompter.

Biden just threw red meat President Trump’s way.

Joe Biden being fed answers via an earpiece is a fantastic story. It’s likely to become one, too.

Biden is hoping to make it to stage without a weigh-in. He has said no to the ear-check and no to a drug test. This is Manny Pacquiao-level refusal.

The “Juicing Joe” nickname has upside. Even to one day overtake the efficient “Sleepy Joe.”


Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. This is such a sham. I hope his earbuds short-out and pick up a Spanish radio station (think Gilligan’s Island for those over 45) and he starts singing Spanish music. It’s next level insulting to the great lengths an entire political party has gone to steal an election.

  2. I may be wrong, but looks like we have the makings of a debate cancellation by the Biden team. They’d already previously agreed to the ear piece inspection and now they say no. Trump has agreed to a drug test and Biden says no. Now the Biden team is asking for two breaks during the debate and Trump says no to any breaks. I can see Biden using these disagreements as an escape route.

  3. The idea of Biden even being able to follow queues from an earpiece while live on camera would be comical.
    The thought of PED’s being used for a presidential debate is even more comical.
    Isn’t the start time we’ll after Biden’s ‘lights out’ mandate and several hours after his 4 pm dinner at the Golden Coral?

  4. If Chris Wallace asks Biden why the obama administration gave Iran 100 billion dollars and he starts yelling, Omaha! Omaha! and calling out the Mike while pointing to a virtually empty audience, you’ll know he has an ear piece. Actually, if he did that, it wouldn’t make any less sense than all of the other times he talks.

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