BreakGate: Joe Biden Wants Debate Break Every 30 Minutes

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It’s getting wild out there. It has been a busy day for Joe Biden in preparation to “unlid” for his debate with President Donald Trump.

First, Biden’s squad reversed their on-field decision and are refusing an inspection for electronic earpieces. Eargate is fantastic and here. If Biden is fed answers through an earpiece — in lieu of his teleprompter — it’ll be a shame only three debates are scheduled.

Now, Biden is asking for breathers tonight. The Biden campaign requested a break every 30 minutes; Trump’s side said no.

If Biden wins in November, his speeches that preempt normal programming are going to infuriate the nation. I’m not referring to politics or his speaking abilities — I’m talking about the time. The “we’ll back with the second half of this speech in 10,” will be painful as we miss out on our favorite TV shows.

“Come on, man.”

It is hard to believe we made it to debate today. For a recap: Biden is out of the “lid,” not taking a drug test, isn’t allowing anyone to check his ears, and is looking for breaks during battle.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. The breaks after 30 minutes sound more like a bell at the end of a boxing round where a person being pummeled can be saved and recover. Plus, this is a debate. We’re here to see the candidates’ ability to explain and defend their platform, not their staff’s ability

  2. haha this is literally comical. Let’s see how the debate goes first… The biden campaign denies asking for a break, so I guess, in the legal field these are what we call “disputed facts”.

    The comments section on this site is great unintentional comedy!

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