JJ Watt Offers Two Minutes Of Perfection That Every Sports Fan Should See

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Houston Texans’ defensive end JJ Watt was asked what frustrates him the most about the Texans’ 4-11 record, and he gave us the perfect answer. It may be the best minute and 49 seconds of media footage all day.

“This is a job. A lot of people watch us and invest their time, and they care about it,” Watt said. “We’re 4-11, and there’s fans that show up to the stadium and spend their time and energy to care about this. So if you can’t work out or show up on time, then you shouldn’t be here.”

“We’re athletes getting paid a whole lot of money,” Watt continued. “If you can’t get to the practice field and work hard like you’re supposed to, then you shouldn’t be here.”

Athletes are consistently giving us inconsistent effort, so these comments hit home for all of us. Who hasn’t watched players for their favorite team show they don’t care about the results on the field? This is a business where athletes should be worried about their salary, playing situations, and plenty other things, but that shouldn’t prevent them from giving effort.

“Fan” is short for fanatic ,and that’s something that all professional and amateur athletes should know before they walk through that door. After all, these “fanatics” are the the only reason salaries have gotten so high. Without them, owners don’t pay a guy like JJ Watt millions of dollars. Just ask the WNBA (sorry, I had to).

We couldn’t agree more, so why isn’t this the standard?

Well, money is involved more than ever before. Agents, groupies, and friends push athletes to care less every year about what actually matters–winning. Players now have their own brands, when they didn’t in years past. It’s hard to get everyone pulling the same rope these days, when before, most players weren’t playing with ulterior motives.

Props to JJ Watt for being a stand up, genuine and caring guy. Houston, Texas got a good one.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for OutKick.com, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. Now use that passion to raise awareness about


    Or standing for our flag!
    Or the fact that covid is preventable and treatable and is less dangerous than the fucking flu!

    That’s a tad more important than football.

  2. Houston better enjoy his last game with them because he wants to be around men that want to win. He’s from Wisconsin and his 2 brothers play for the Steelers, so the Packers and Steelers are probably the only 2 that he will retire playing for

  3. WNBA is a charity basketball league, the only league where you don’t have to earn your keep and it doesn’t matter if you don’t give effort. In the NFL, you don’t give effort, you will be gone. Unless you have Randy Moss’ or Josh Gordon’s talent- then you get many opportunities.

  4. Living in Houston, not a Texan fan. Cal Mcnair the owner is incompetent. Forming committee’s that aren’t committees. Former team chaplain helping in football decisions. The team prez has been quoted as saying “family experience” is the most important issue for the organization…..GOPACKGO

  5. That coming from a guy who 2 years ago suffered. A back injury that would have ended most guy’s careers. Instead, dude is grinding, out there carrying his sorry team by taking on double teams every play. If the Titans had this guy to get pressure we’d be 14-1,but Houston gets to waste him away.

  6. The English Premier league gets this sooo right, they have relegation each year so the bottom 3 teams get demoted to the lower league, with that comes pay cuts for everyone in the building. That’s why we have the chronic “I’mma look out for ME first” mentality with our professional sports in America. Too much guaranteed everything.

    Not dissimilar from our broken SSID system that pays able bodied, fully capable American’s $760 per month to do sit on their sofa all day watching TV and playing video games. Throw in the EBT card and Section 8 voucher, and you can be poor for the rest of your life with no hope of ever improving yourself. The American dream for Millions.

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