JJ Redick On Coach K: ‘The Brand Coach Has Built Will Last Forever’

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Coach K’s farewell tour has gotten off to a good start. For starters, Krzyzewski’s hair dye continues to appear impeccable. Secondly, the season-long ego stroke has spread far and wide in print, podcast, tic-tac-toes or TikkerTokkers or whatever it’s called and elsewhere. And most importantly, Duke began the season on Tuesday with a convincing win over 10th-ranked Kentucky.

Former Dukie JJ Redick expects the positive vibes surrounding Coach K to continue in Durham, even after Krzyzewski steps away following the season.

“The brand Coach has built will last forever,” Redick said on The Pat McAfee Show.

Jon Scheyer, who played for Krzyzewski and who has been coaching under him since 2013, is tasked with sustaining the Coach K legacy once he walks away. Scheyer has already been named coach in waiting, and like Krzyzewski, he has Redick in his corner.

“I’m very confident in Jon Scheyer. One thing he has proven is that he can recruit,” Redick told The Pat McAfee Show. “And to be a good college basketball team, you need good players. He’s going to continue to get good players. In the same way that UNC had to transition away from Dean Smith, I think that’s probably the most similar scenario.

Coach K’s been standing at arm’s length from the Cameron Crazies since 1980, building Duke basketball into an iconic brand that has won five national championships. Redick envisions both Scheyer and the brand to remain at Duke for a long time to come.

“Hopefully it’s Jon for the next 40 (years) — but there might be a few years where it’s a little bit different,” Redick added, via The Pat McAfee Show. “But the brand that Coach K has built at Duke University, I think, will last as long as college basketball will last, in whatever form college basketball is in.”

If that brand lasts anywhere near as long as the black hair atop Coach K’s head, you won’t hear much complaining from Blue Devils fans.

The long farewell tour continues Friday evening when 9th-ranked Duke hosts Krzyzewski’s alma mater, Army. Happy Veterans Day to you, Coach, and to all those who have served.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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