Jimmy Kimmel Tries To Buy Naming Rights To ESPN Reporter Molly McGrath’s Baby After Playing Clarinet During Bowl Game

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Saturday’s bowl game between Fresno State and Washington State was a total dud, but that didn’t stop Jimmy Kimmel from having fun. The 55-year-old comedian and talk show host had a blast.

It was his bowl after all.

No, seriously. A few years back, Kimmel noticed all of the ridiculous bowl game sponsors and thought it would be funny to get in on the action, so he did.

Now, each December, the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl (Presented By Stifel) takes place at SoFi stadium in Los Angeles.

This year, the Bulldogs put a 29-6 beatdown on the Cougars, who suffered from a self-inflicted wound. Wazzu quarterback Cam Ward pulled a Dan Orlovsky and ran out of the back of the end zone for a safety.

Ultimately, the on-field product lacked. However, considering that Kimmel owns the game, there was plenty of shenanigans that kept things entertaining.

“It’s always been my dream to have a bowl game filled 1/8 to capacity,” he said.

Before the action got underway, Kimmel himself took the field in unique capacity. He joined the Cougar Marching Band for its pregame performance and played the clarinet alongside the college kids.

From there, it was Kimmel himself who flipped the coin to determine possession.

Once the game got underway, the in-game entertainment was more exciting than the play itself. And considering that it was Kimmel’s bowl, there was always going to be a jab at his rival Matt Damon.

Part of the LA Bowl tradition is its puking camel mascot, Jimmy Kamel. He beat the Washington State and Fresno State mascots in a hot dog eating competition and… vomited everywhere.

ESPN sideline reporter Molly McGrath, who is currently carrying child, joked that she looked just like Kamel. It certaintly isn’t a splitting image, but her joke landed nonetheless.

In addition to her hilarious interaction with the puking camel mascot, McGrath shared a unique exchange with Kimmel during the second quarter. He asked whether he could purchase the naming rights to her future child, as he did with the bowl game and she didn’t say no…

Kimmel was kidding, obviously, but McGrath has some explaining to do either way!

Written by Grayson Weir

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