Jimmy Garoppolo Receives Incredible ‘Free Sex’ Offer From Las Vegas Brothel Worker

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Confirmed: It’s good to be Jimmy Garoppolo.

The new Las Vegas Raiders quarterback has a three-year, $72.75 million contract ($45 million guaranteed contract) and Las Vegas brothel workers lining up to be of service to the noted porn star hound. Garoppolo, 31, is officially on the radar of at least two of the hard-working ladies — Caitlin Bell and Alice Little — from the world-famous Chicken Ranch where customers can unwind from a hard day of work.

The ladies, according to TMZ, have made a “free sex for life” offer to the QB who once took adult actress Kiara Mia on the date of her life.

“I almost fainted when I heard Jimmy signed with the Raiders,” Bell said in a Chicken Ranch press release. You’re damn right you did. All the guy does is win playoff games and drive the women crazy with his stubble.

“He deserves free sex just for joining our team,” Bell added. “But he gets free sex for life from us just because he’s such a legit babe!”

Over at Sheri’s Ranch in nearby Pahrump, Nevada, the brothel is offering Jimmy a special weekend to get acquainted with his new city and to make new friends.

Sheri’s PR team says the brothel is offering a “weekend blowout with you and a few of your new Raiders teammates to take advantage of the resort’s themed hotel suites, bar and restaurant, swimming pool, and Jacuzzi – all expenses paid, of course.”

Now, you’re probably wondering why Jimmy G. would ever take up the ladies on this exclusive lifetime offer. He’s a good-looking guy. Surely he can have his pick of the Vegas pool scene. Can’t Jimmy G. just go to one of the day clubs and go shopping for a relationship?


But at what cost?

The Vegas day club cocktail waitresses talk. They post things on social media because they can’t keep their mouths shut. Typically, they cannot be trusted. Meanwhile, Jimmy G. goes and dabbles with Kiara Mia who, when asked by the press about her date with Jimmy G., handled things 100X better than a White House Press Secretary.

“Jimmy and I had an amazing dinner, and he treated me with so much respect, and class. Honestly, we’re friends. I can promise the 49ers that they will make the Super Bowl and win because everything I touch turns to gold,” she said at the time.

By 2020, Jimmy G. had the 49ers in the Super Bowl.

Now it’s time to see if the gunslinger takes up Caitlin Bell on her offer and gets hot for the Raiders and pulls off a shocker in the loaded AFC West.

Buckle up.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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