Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Crashes to Lowest Rating Ever

Late-night TV is dying. Monday, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon averaged just 947,000 viewers, the series’ lowest recorded number to date. 

The Tonight Show’s NBA-like tank is directly tied to President Donald Trump. Once CBS’ Stephen Colbert’s political “satire” — if you want to call it that —  began to pull away from Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel as the No. 1 late-night program, the entire genre pivoted to politics. Thus, the nightly bashing of Trump using MSNBC-produced talking points.

Fallon is a talented host, he’s not a political personality. For the length of Trump’s term, Fallon was out of place in a role that weakened his mild persona.

Trump is now leaving the White House, and The Tonight Show’s identity is beyond repair. Half of the country has said goodbye, and a strong percentage of the Left stopped consuming content on linear TV.

NBC tried to bring down Trump — instead, the plan brought down its blue-chip late-night program. 

The Tonight Show was once must-see TV. Bill O’Reilly pointed out Wednesday that The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson used to do between 7 and 10 million a night. Now, the show isn’t funny anymore. It’s repetitive and toxic. Once the broadcast channels decided to combine humor and politics, the former died a quick but painful death. 

The Tonight’s Show’s 947,000 average is concerning, yet it’s only the beginning. That number is likely to dwindle even further as Fallon won’t dare poke fun at Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. The series’ best-case scenario is that Fallon can find new viewers online through digital clips. His lost TV audience isn’t coming back.

Prediction: Morning TV will be next, for the same reasons. 

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. His recent woke segments involving the likes of Chelsea Handler as well as as seeking out how to be a better ally were a big turnoff for those just looking for non-politically charged entertainment. I have moved on from all late night from TV and YouTube.

    • Being an ally is such a joke. Being not-racist is not enough apparently, you have to march in the streets for BLM to really bring about “change”. Maybe I need to just do what the NBA and NFL are doing just put dumb ass stickers saying “It Takes All of Us” or “End Racism” or “Equality” and everyone will leave me the fuck alone.

  2. The whole late-night comedy/music genre is circling the bowl, Bobby…as you’ve been rightly highlighting for quite a while now.
    My son is a big Conan fan…and he seems to have avoid jumping into those toxic waters (so far).

    • Conan has always been the best of the bunch. Like the Simpson’s (and SNL used to be) he’s an equal opportunity humorist. Letterman was like that as well once upon a time.

  3. Imagine if Orange Man Bad actually leaves…their ratings will either tank to almost nobody watching levels…or they may actually have to think of something to bring about entertainment for a change.

  4. Never been a fan, I remember Fallon making a very poorly played joke about Jay Leno’s band being out of work in a few days (while Leno was finishing his time there) and Jay jumped his ass big time. I though Leno was going to smack the shit out of him, wish he had.

    The mass Anti Trump movement has gotten very old, the Fallon’s/SNL/Colbert’s are now faced with a dilemma, make fun of their heroes Biden and Company, or keep making fun of Trump who even the leftist no longer wants to hear about. They’ve painted themselves into the proverbial corner.

  5. I don’t watch the late night shows, but it’s sad this is happening to Jimmy Fallon. Colbert is toxic and the definition of snark, and while Kimmel is nicer than Colbert, he also has become too political. Fallon was forced to enter the fray and unfortunately that’s not his forte. Politics has taken over practically everything. Sad.

  6. I used to watch Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live regularly. Once they descended in to bashing Trump 24/7, I stopped watching both of them. I have absolutely no plans to ever watch either one of them again. SNL hasn’t been funny in a few years. I like Fallon, but pretty much all late night show have lost me over bashing Trump. Get Woke … Go Broke!!

  7. These numbers will just get worse once President Trump is out of office, as will the CNN and PMSNBC ratings. The media liberals won’t have a boogeyman anymore, and they wouldn’t dare make fun of Democrats.

  8. Watching some old Johnny Carson shows now that was funny entertaining stuff great guests skits and generally well worth watching really miss those days people had then which we have lost now a sense of humor and respect

  9. These morons, the NBA, the NFL, the major networks in general, almost all newspapers, these are all people and things I’ve long since eliminated from my life. I couldn’t tell you the last time I watched one of these late night shows. It’s been at least 15 years. I have no idea how people get to be so monumentally stupid as these guys and their low-information audiences.

  10. Fallon’s “fake” laughter is irritating. I think, with the late-night shows, it’s more about how many are watching the youtube clips vs ratings.

    It will be interesting to see how things will look a year after Trump leaves. Of course, the shows will be able to comment on Trump news for about 6 months. The left has the white house, senate and house. Things may get boring on TV that depended on Trump bashing.

  11. i only put up with CBS for the ocassional football and/or Golf.

    dumping ATT this year (they own CBS CNN TBS)

    i am 53 and i so shocked at the insanity of American Media and Hollywierd.

    i saw the greatest American History mini series recently and it was on BBC – ‘British Broadcasting Company’.

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