Jim Harbaugh’s Daughter Provides Inside Look At Michigan Coach Devouring A Piece Of Corn

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David At The Dentist, Charlie Bit My Finger and “I Like Turtles” are amongst the most notable viral videos of all-time. Joining them in history is Tariq, aka Corn Kid.

The now-famous young man was featured in a TikTok video that has eclipsed the 20-million view mark. During an interview with @doingthings, Tariq goes on a hilarious tangent about his love for, well, corn.

Everything about the video is pure joy. Tariq has cashed-in on his viral fame through Cameo and in partnership with organizations such as Chipotle and Nebraska football. Meanwhile, the original video has been turned into an absolute banger of a song that has also gone extremely viral.

As a result, Tariq and his love of corn is taking over the internet. Particularly TikTok.

To capitalize on the trend, Jim Harbaugh’s daughter provided a hilarious look at her dad going to town on some corn. Grace, who plays water polo at Michigan, went viral over the summer as she documented her family’s trip to Italy. Her TikTok account has more than 25,000 followers.

In her most recent video, set to the Corn Kid song, the head coach of Michigan football can be seen at the airport with a full spread of KFC in front of him.

Jim Harbaugh, however, is zeroed-in on the big lump with knobs.

Take a look:

Michigan football is coming off of its most successful season of the Harbaugh era. Should the Wolverines replicate or exceed their success in 2022, Jim should not be rewarded through financial bonus. He should get a lifetime supply of corn.

The way that he is devouring that piece of corn in Grace’s TikTok video is truly vicious. Can you blame him? It has the juice!

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