Jim Harbaugh Goes Full ‘Remember The Titans,’ Brings Michigan To Gettysburg

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Jim Harbaugh channeled his inner Coach Boone Wednesday.

The head coach of the Michigan Wolverines took his team to Gettysburg to teach them about the legendary Civil War site.

Michigan’s football blog stated the following about the trip to the location of America’s bloodiest battle:

The Wolverines hit the road early, making their way from D.C. to Gettysburg, Pa. After lunch at the Gettysburg Hotel, Steven Wiley from the Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg spoke to the team about what are the qualities of a great leader and how it applied to the battlefield at Gettysburg and the parallels to the game of football. The team traveled through the Gettysburg Military Park Museum and Battlefield learning about the biggest battle waged on American soil.

Does anyone have an idea where Jim Harbaugh might have come up with this idea? Is it possible he recently watched “Remember the Titans”?

In the famous football film, Coach Boone (played by Denzel Washington) forces members of the T.C. Williams football team to run to Gettysburg. Once he’s done running them into the ground, Boone gives a powerful speech about coming together or facing complete defeat.

It’s one of the most iconic scenes from the famous film.

Jim Harbaugh goes full “Remember the Titans.”

Jim Harbaugh going full Coach Boone and taking the Wolverines to Gettysburg shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Harbaugh is a very authentic guy. That’s why people are drawn to him. In a world full of fake people, Jim Harbaugh is incredibly refreshing.

Taking his football team to Gettysburg is very on-brand. The man loves history and has a thrill for theatrics. He does the latter in a very natural way where it doesn’t feel forced at all.

He can bring a glove to a baseball game or lift weights on a recruiting trip and everyone looks at it as normal. Anyone else does it and it’s going to raise some eyebrows.

This also isn’t the first time Harbaugh injected a little war into his offseason program. The two-time Big Ten champion coach took Michigan to the beaches of Normandy to talk about D-Day in 2018. Again, the guy loves history, and I’m all here for it. Don’t let the guys sit around playing video games.

Remind them the price that has been paid for America to remain free. While the message is a shade different in “Remember the Titans” – race was the focal point of Coach Boone’s trip – the overall outcome is the same. Whenever you can teach young men about leadership and sacrifice, you have to do it.

Jim Harbaugh takes the Michigan football team to Gettysburg. (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

Props to Jim Harbaugh for taking Michigan to Gettysburg. That’s the kind of stuff we’d love to see more of.

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