Beanie-Rocking Jim Harbaugh Thanks Police For ‘All They Do’ After Stopping Car To Help Officer Clear Fallen Tree In Ice Storm

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Jim Harbaugh is more than just a football coach, he is a member of the Ann Arbor community. And a good one at that!

As southeast Michigan dealt with a wicked ice storm on Wednesday night, the 59-year-old went out of his way to help clean up. He didn’t have to, but he wanted toβ€” which is a pretty cool thing.

Around 8:00 p.m., Officer Howard Cooper encountered a large fallen tree on the corner of Devonshire and Londonberry roads. Amidst his efforts to remove the tree from the street, a van pulled up alongside him.

Out hopped Jim Harbaugh, ready to work!

Cooper tossed Harbaugh a pair of gloves and expressed his gratitude for the assistance. From there, the two spent about ten minutes clearing a lane for traffic to pass through on the road.

Ann Arbor police released body came footage from Cooper’s encounter with Harbaugh on Thursday afternoon. It shows them both out in the freezing rain working to reopen the road.

Harbaugh, rocking a Carhart beanie and flannel shirt, looked every bit the part!

After the two got done with their efforts, Cooper told his Good Samaritan helper that he’s a good man.

“Hey, feel free to spread the word on that,” Harbaugh joked back. “Don’t feel like you’ve got to keep that to yourself.”

He also thanked Cooper for what he and his team of officers do each and every day.

For all of the gripe that Harbaugh gets, his good deed on Wednesday night goes to show that he’s more than what might meet the eye on social media. Harbaugh could have pulled up to the scene, noticed that the road was closed and turned around to go a different route home.

Instead, well after dark on a cold night in Michigan, he braved the elements to help out in his community and went out of his way to thank Cooper for his work, when really Cooper had Harbaugh to thank for the assistance. Awesome move from Harbaugh β€”

β€” though with that said, he seemed awfully excited about the idea of good press!

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