Jim Harbaugh – Dressed As Al Borland – Shares Epic Story Of Falling In Love With Football

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Jim Harbaugh fell in love with football the moment he got to experience some contact.

The Michigan football coach is known for being a content machine. There’s always a great chance of something incredible coming out of his mouth whenever he speaks.

Well, he definitely didn’t disappoint while sharing a story about how he fell in love with the sport of football.

Harbaugh revealed when he made his first tackle his helmet got twisted around and he couldn’t see. In fact, he thought he might be a curtain call for him because he thought he was blind. Once the shock wore off and he realized his helmet was just messed up, the Michigan coach was sold on being a football man for life.

“Right then and there, I just fell in love with football. Knew from that day I was going to play as long as I could, then coach and then die. That’s what I wanted to do,” Harbaugh told a group of people while participating in SkillsUSA’s National Signing Day.

You can listen to Harbaugh break it down below. He’s also dressed like he’s Al Borland from “Home Improvement.” The content with this man just never stops.

Jim Harbaugh is the definition of a football man.

How can you not love Jim Harbaugh? If you don’t find this man entertaining, then there’s something seriously wrong with you.

I’m a Wisconsin man who bleeds for the red and white in Madison. Michigan blasted the Badgers the last time we took the field together.

Yet, I just can’t find it in my heart to dislike Jim Harbaugh. You can hate the Wolverines and the program’s fans – they truly believe they’re Alabama – but you definitely can’t hate Harbaugh.

The guy was speaking at an event for skilled labor and he showed up dressed like Al Borland is his stylist and proceeded to tell a story like he was recounting his days in WWII. So much passion and enthusiasm for a story about tackling someone as a kid.

The cherry on top is Harbaugh just stating he was going to play and coach and then just die. Again, a football man through and through.

Jim Harbaugh shares how he fell in love with football. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

Jim Harbaugh continues to be a content machine that is without question among the best in sports. He captivated everyone with a simple story about youth football better than Hollywood does with $200 million budgets for blockbuster films. Never lose that energy, Jim!

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