Jim Harbaugh Can’t Be Serious Telling Michigan Fans To Trust The ‘Process’

Jim Harbaugh was hired to be the Michigan football head coach on December 30, 2014, and Wolverine fans gleefully imagined an immediate return to national prominence. Trips to College Football Playoffs. National championship games. How do I know? Guys handing out samples at Costco told me so. Seriously. Costco Wolverines couldn’t stop running their mouths about how it was their time and that Jim was going to overrun the conference with real “Michigan Men,” not some Brady Hoke recruits.

Now, nearly six years later, Jim Harbaugh is telling fans they need to trust the “process.” During his weekly interview with Detroit’s WXYZ, Harbaugh also called fans “very results-oriented,” whereas Michigan football is much more process-driven.

“There’s disdain from the process by some. To us that’s the whole ballgame,” Jim Harbaugh said about Michigan on Monday. “I think sometimes outside of the program, I think people are very results-oriented. The process, to us, is very important.”

Oh boy. Talk about a kick in the nuts to the Costco sample guys.

According to USA Today, Harbaugh is the fourth-highest paid head coach in college football, making just over $8 million a year. Yet here he is, in the middle of a 2-4 season, telling fans to chill out on the results and concentrate more on the process. Let that sink in, Michigan Man. This guy who is 0-5 against Ohio State, 11-16 against ranked teams, 2-12 vs. top ten teams and 0-4 in bowl games is telling you to calm down and let things play out.

“There is growth. There is improvement,” Harbaugh told WXYZ’s Brad Galli. “There are aspects that are improving. I do believe there is progress being made.”

This is the sound of a guy who’s not going anywhere. Get comfortable, Michigan fans, this guy isn’t quitting on his school.

The simple question someone needs to ask Harbaugh: When should fans expect to see results from the process? How many years will they have to wait for that Big Ten title, something that hasn’t happened since 2004? There’s no need to get nasty here. Simply ask how long this process thing he’s talking about should take.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Well…what’s he supposed to say….’I’ve sucked and should be fired?’ Trust the process is basically the term you use when you are in his state. You don’t hear trust the process from Nick Saban because he wins.

    Trust me if we know what his record is against those teams the guys signing his checks know too.

  2. You know, those of us Ohio ex-pats living in San Diego could have had the dream matchup a decade ago. Harbaugh was riding high at USD – beating up on Dayton every year, and got so full of himself he challenged Hoke over at SDSU to play them. Who knew those two San Diego coaches would shortly combine efforts to take Michigan down lower than it’s been since Bo abandoned the Buckeye state?

  3. That’s called “waving the white flag”. “Trusting the process ” was a Jason Garrett constant during his time coaching the Cowboys; apparently the process didn’t include winning anything, just like Harbaugh.

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