Jim Acosta Didn’t Like That Andrew Yang Appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Show

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang left the Democratic Party to launch the Forward Party this year. To promote his move, Yang has appeared on a variety of different news programs. It’s rare to see a politician appear on both Fox News and CNN in 2021. While encouraging for Americans, CNN’s Jim Acosta can’t stand Yang’s decision to visit networks with different viewpoints.

Saturday, Acosta made Yang defend appearing on Tucker Carlson’s Fox Nation show. According to Acosta, Carlson is a bad guy, a white nationalist, and the rest of the keywords:

“You know this all too well. He spouts off white nationalist talking points,” Acosta said.

In other words, Carlson’s views differ significantly from the Left’s. Thus, Acosta labels Carlson a white supremacist or something. Helpful, isn’t it?

Political coverage has worsened as the country has divided. Politicians appear on shows that support them and are favorable to their policies. Meaning, elected officials rarely sit across from a host who will challenge them. That’s a disservice to voters. Conversely, Yang allowed the country to see him in different arenas as he spoke to both Fox News and CNN viewers this week.

Yet Acosta and blue check Twitter shamed Yang, sending a message to others in DC: if they want to continue receiving softball questions from CNN, MSNBC, and ABC — they must never give Carlson the time of day. Most will listen, but Yang won’t. Yang is not a follower. He’s independent in his approach.

“One of the things we have to do, Jim, is try and take the temperature of the country down, and the only way to do that is to reach out to people where they are,” Yang responded to Acosta.

“As you know, Tucker commands a massive audience, and if you wanted to try and build a unifying popular movement that does call attention to the fact that our system’s not working, really, for anyone, you have to, again, reach out.”

Yang believes what he says. Unlike the average politician, he doesn’t fear an opposing host will expose him. He can handle interviews that differ in temperature. He has the confidence to speak with Tucker Carlson and Jim Acosta, even in the same week.

Credit to Andrew Yang, a politician who could next pop up with Joy Reid and Mark Levin and then Joe Rogan. And I hope he does all three shows.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Who cares? It’s not like Andrew Yang will join forces with a scumbag POS like Tucker Carlson. I love how the RIGHT tries to culturally appropriate people like they would be cool with you in the real world. We haven’t forgot the last 4 years. You have some splaining to do. What happened to your “Family Values “? I’ll wait….

    Yang and Pucker Carlson? Wouldn’t that work directly against his Great Replacement Theory or whatever AMW fragile bullshit scam he can think of to get ratings?

    • Lol, incoherent hate. What are we trying to appropriate from Yang? He dumped the Democrat party because he can’t get traction, he’s not as stupid as AOC so Democrats aren’t enthralled. But he certainly has radical ideas that no one on the right would vote for…I’m not sure he can draw flies.

      • Andrew Yang is not some politically calculating (and mostly white or white-culture educated) brand that relies on catering to certain ideology to ride with left or right’s platform. He is an independent thinker whose brand is rooted in authenticity, so it won’t be easily appropriated. Like Clay, Andrew Yang is aiming more or less at the middle, and is wildly popular with blue-collar voters based on analytics and data. Going to Fox and CNN will only help him.

    • I love how Tucker can be called a racist for 2 different opposing reasons. Now he is “culturally appropriating” Yang. Anyone who opposes leftist ideology is called either racist or stupid by the left. I used to find that amusing–now I find it tired. Although mentioned in the above clickbait, the article does not mention the Unabomber’s manifesto. Written in the 90’s. He predicted nearly every detail of this article and this subsequent discussion!

      • I think back to my childhood and how we had school reports on various nations around the world (I got Saudi Arabia). We discussed the various cultures and were encouraged to dress in their clothing and even cook and bring (best we could do) examples of their cuisine. Fairly certain that in 2021 we would have been called racists, cultural appropriators, and the teachers would have been disciplined!

  2. You are a great writer. Sure hope Fox takes your training wheels off. Lot of critical issues and you are one with the ability to grasp and articulate them to those too entrenched in the minutia to see the greater threat to our freedoms. With truly no fear.

  3. My question is to people like Jim Acosta, Balls in His Mouth Don’t Lie and all the other leftist dictators in world, why do you care what someone else’s political persuasion is? I don’t give two shits how people vote so long as they leave me alone like I leave them alone and just live, just live. Do you and I will do me. Why is that so hard?

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