Jets Coach Robert Saleh Is Seeking Parental Advice After Winless Start

Nothing like mom kickin’ ya when you’re down, right? Well that’s exactly what happened to Jets head coach Robert Saleh.

The Jets are 0-2, rookie quarterback Zach Wilson has thrown five picks, and Saleh’s mom is perhaps the biggest critic of New York’s operation. Saleh revealed to AP reporter Dennis Waszak on Wednesday that his mom gave him some suggestions on how to coach the team.

“She’ll probably kill me — God bless my mother,” Saleh said. “Broken English, doesn’t even know how many yards it takes to get a first down, and she was coaching me up on what we should tell our receivers.” 

Saleh also said that his mom mentioned some some things about the Jets receivers, but that he couldn’t remember any of it. Sure, if you say so.

Mom was probably used to watching Saleh’s stellar defense dominate in San Francisco and now is not seeing that in New York. Those receivers outside of Corey Davis have been much maligned as well, and the lack of impact from that position has contributed to the slow start.

Saleh knows there’s a lot of outside talk going on about the team, but said he doesn’t put much stock in it. He’s just focusing on New York’s upcoming matchup on Sunday against the Broncos (2-0) at 4:05 p.m. on CBS.

“Everybody’s got an opinion, but you know what? I had an opinion, too,” Saleh said. “You take it with a grain of salt, but I’m not afraid to absorb all the information because you never know what you might find. All of it’s worth something.” 

Written by Nick Geddes

Nick Geddes is a 2021 graduate of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. A life-long sports enthusiast, Nick shares a passion for sports writing and is proud to represent OutKick.

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