Nebraska Athlete Jess Gardner – The Next Olivia Dunne – Reveals Her ‘Perfect Man’ In New TikTok Video

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Jess Gardner doesn’t want to date anyone who is broke.

The Nebraska pole vaulter is starting to blow up the internet, and there are some very obvious comparisons to Olivia Dunne being made.

While Dunne’s following is currently much larger, Gardner is certainly carving out her own path. Now, she’s released a new TikTok video about the “perfect man.”

“Funny. He has to have a really good sense of humor, but he can’t be broke because that’s not funny,” Gardner said with a lip sync in the video, which is already starting to go viral since being posted last night.


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Jess Gardner doesn’t want a broke man.

While I’ll be the last person to ever offer unsolicited relationship advice (or even advice that is solicited), her logic does seem to add up.

If you’re dead broke and have no cash, it might be hard to be viewed as a suitable partner in the dating game. Again, I’m not an expert but that does seem to check out.

As it was said in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” there’s nothing great about being poor (that’s not an endorsement of Jordan Belfort).

As for Jess Gardner, her profile is already absolutely exploding over just the past few days. Her TikTok following is up 17.5% since Monday.

The Nebraska star is on a rocket ship that doesn’t appear to be slowing down at all. In fact, it’s accelerating at a very impressive rate.

Jess Gardner releases viral video about the “perfect man.” She’s a star on social media. Her following is quickly growing. Is Gardner the next Olivia Dunne? (Credit: Screenshot/TikTok Video

For those of you unfamiliar with Gardner’s online footprint, you can check out some of her best moments below. Something tells me she’s going to have some serious staying power.

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