The Olivia Dunne Of Pole Vaulting Drops New TikTok Video

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Jess Gardner continues to pump out golden content on social media.

The Nebraska pole vaulter has blown up online over the past few weeks, and there are obvious parallels to LSU star Olivia Dunne.

As we’ve said before here at OutKick, Gardner isn’t close to Dunne’s level just yet, but she’s definitely a rising star.

Now, she dropped a new TikTok video of herself doing a little style transition, and as you’d expect, it’s already drawing a ton of attention.

Jess Gardner is becoming a huge star.

When OutKick first discovered Jess Gardner a few weeks ago, she had right around 113,000 TikTok followers. Now, she’s sitting at 167,500 followers on the social media platform.

That’s a 48.23% increase for all you math geeks out of there. I believe that’s what we like to call the OutKick boost in the business.

Because we’re humble people, we don’t really need to pat ourselves on the back. We’ll let the internet take care of that.

Gardner isn’t slowing down at all.

Right now, there’s nobody better in the content game than Olivia Dunne. She’s a superstar by any and all metrics.

She’s the gold standard when it comes to athletes being social media stars. Dunne boasts a staggering 7.1 million TikTok followers.

It’s truly unbelievable how famous she’s become. While Jess Gardner has just a fraction of her following, it’s clear her following is blowing up. Again, we’re talking about a nearly 50% increase over the court of just a few weeks.

If this were the stock market, people would be popping bottles of champagne.

Is Jess Gardner the next Olivia Dunne? (Credit: Getty Images and Instagram)

It should be fun to see what the junior pole vaulter does next from here. As we all know, you have to strike while the iron is hot in the internet game and her brand has never been hotter than it is right now. Go get a bag, Jess! Go get a bag.

Written by David Hookstead

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