Nebraska Star Jess Gardner Makes It Clear She’s Team ‘Barbie’

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Nebraska pole vaulter Jess Gardner is all in on “Barbie” as the film of the summer.

It feels like it’s been a minute or two since we last heard from Gardner. She had a surprising run on social media earlier in 2023, but then kind of disappeared for a bit.

Well, she’s back now to weigh in on the biggest topic in all of entertainment:

Are you team “Oppenheimer” or team “Barbie“?

Nebraska athlete Jess Gardner is a “Barbie” fan. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Jess Gardner is a “Barbie” fan.

Everyone wants to know whether people are seeing the film with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling about the famous doll brand, or are you purchasing a ticket for the Christopher Nolan film about the creation of the atomic bomb.

Which is it? Are you going for WWII or the Mattel product? The popular pole vaulter threw on some pink and made it clear Thursday she was at the theater to watch Robbie as the title character.

Forget “Oppenheimer.” It’s all about “Barbie” for Jess Gardner.

The Nebraska athlete is a “Barbie” fan.

Admittedly, I won’t be seeing “Barbie” in the near future and I’m downright ashamed to admit I haven’t seen “Oppenheimer” yet.

It feels anti-American to not have seen the Nolan film about J. Robert Oppenheimer given it’s been in theaters for more than a week. It’s true. I just haven’t seen it yet. Hand up. That’s a failure on my part.

However, it appears the Nebraska star was also a little late to the “Barbie” train. That’s been rolling steady since last week, as well.

It’s also putting up monster box office numbers. The Margot Robbie film has already earned more than $500 million globally, and you can now include Jess Gardner’s ticket price in that number.

Jess Gardner is a content machine.

As for Jess Gardner, it’s been a minute or two since she really tore things up on social media, but make no mistake, she has major potential.

She doesn’t have Olivia Dunne’s following just yet, but she has a total of more than 338,000 followers between TikTok and Instagram.

She had just a fraction of that when 2023 started. She’s definitely blown up this year. There’s no doubt about that at all.

Where will she go from here? Time will tell, but at least she’s made her loyalty to “Barbie” over “Oppenheimer” clear.

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