Jerry Seinfeld Blames ‘Stupid’ Timmy Trumpet For Mets Bad Run

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A lot of Mets fans have gotten on the Timmy Trumpet bandwagon. His song “Narco” has become the signature walkout music for closer Edwin Diaz. One fan not on board with it is Jerry Seinfeld.

He has one question: what’s the deal with Timmy Trumpet?

Mets broadcaster SNY posted an image to Instagram about the Atlanta Braves drawing even with the Mets for the top spot in the NL East.

The star of Seinfeld had a theory as to why the Mets had lost control of first place for the first time since April.

“I blame that stupid Trumpet performance. Celebrating in season. We haven’t won anything yet. Bad mojo,” Jerry wrote.

Seinfeld feels like there’s now a stink on that trumpet — like Timmy Trumpet hasn’t emptied his spit valve in a few weeks.

Then the comedy legend compared Mr. Trumpet’s performance to one one-hot wonder Baha Men did during the 2000 World Series.

“Same as when Baja Men showed up to play ‘Who Let Dogs Out’ in 2000 WS. Series ended right there.”

The “Baja” typo notwithstanding—I initially made the same one. Seriously, what the hell is “Baha?”—Seinfeld makes the exact argument you’d expect out of an old-school sports fan like him.

There’s No Logic To It, But Seinfeld Is Right

Any new, gimmicky novelty that fires the crowd up is all well and good until the second the team’s fortunes turn.

At that point, the Timmy Trumpets and the Baha Mens of the world must be purged from the game night proceedings.

Jerry Seinfeld Is Kith’s Fall Leader At 68 Years Old

Of course, they don’t actually factor into the game. It’s not like the Mets lost sole possession of first place because Timmy Trumpet went all Steve Bartman. Timmy Trumpet only did what Timmy Trumpet does: play his trumpet.

I’ve got to agree with Seinfeld though. The Mets have lost their mojo, baby, and until they find it again, the focus should be on-field not on brass instruments.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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