Jerry Jones Lone NFL Owner To Vote Against New Deal For Roger Goodell, Gets Into Argument With Robert Kraft: Report

When you finally get each of their egos through the door and fit all 32 NFL owners in the same room, arguments are bound to happen, and that’s apparently what occurred during Tuesday’s NFL fall meetings in New York. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was, of course, right in the middle of it.

According to ESPN, a “heated exchange” broke out between Jones and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and it had everything to do with league commissioner Roger Goodell.


The argument was based on a motion to permit the owner’s compensation committee to begin negotiations on a new contract with Goodell, whose current deal is up after this year.

The votes for the motion were counted, and Jones was the only owner not in favor. After the vote was revealed to be 31-1 in favor, Jones reportedly told Kraft “don’t fu-k with me.”

Kraft responded by asking, “excuse me?” before Jones answered, “don’t mess with me.”

Football Fans Trying To Decipher Jerry Jones' Latest Cowboys Comment
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It’s hard not to laugh imagining an 80-year-old billionaire telling an 81-year-old billionaire “don’t fu-k with me.” If this exchange did in fact take place, it seems like a classic example of Jerry Jones needing to be the biggest guy in the room.

At the very least, you have to respect Jones’ consistency.

The Cowboys’ owner was one of the lone voices that didn’t agree with the structure of Goodell’s five-year deal in 2017. Jones believed Goodell’s contract should be mostly based on bonuses instead of salary. Now, Jones doesn’t believe the bonus pool is strict enough for Goodell in terms of meeting new goals, according to the report.

Goodell reportedly made $128 million in compensation from 2020 to 2021.

Written by Mark Harris

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