Jeremy Lin Claims He Was Called ‘CoronaVirus’ on Court

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Former NBA player Jeremy Lin said he has been called “coronavirus” while playing during a basketball game over the past year.

“Being an Asian American doesn’t mean we don’t experience poverty and racism,” he wrote in a social media post on Thursday. “Being a 9 year NBA veteran doesn’t protect me from being called ‘coronavirus’ on the court. Being a man of faith doesn’t mean I don’t fight for justice, for myself and for others.”

Lin, a 9-year NBA veteran, currently plays for G-League’s Santa Cruz Warriors.

The Associated Press reports that bigotry towards Asian Americans has grown during the COVID-19 global pandemic, including an increase in hate crimes. 

In an appearance on NBC Sports Bay Area’s “Race in America: A Candid Conversation,” Lin called for unity after violence against Asian Americans. 

“I feel bad for somebody who harbors hate for somebody else, who they’ve never met, just based on skin color,” he said. “That makes me want to do something. It makes me want to educate people or speak out and find ways to make a difference.”

Written by Megan Turner

Megan graduated from the University of Central Florida and writes and tweets about anything related to sports. She replies to comments she shouldn't reply to online and thinks the CFP Rankings are absolutely rigged. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. You’d have to put a gun to my head to get me to complain to the world that I was hurt that someone called me a name and it was tied to my age, gender or race. Unless those words came with a wad of spit, a shove, or worse, I’m pretty sure I could man up and not have to have the world console me.

  2. Okay, since I can’t figure out how to delete or edit my comment, I will say I feel a little bad about my above post. I realize that maybe he was trying to illustrate that hate exits against Asians and not trying to get personal sympathy, but I guess I would still say….hate exists. It sucks, but why do we have to delineate #asianhate or #blackhate or #whitehate or #jewhate. Can we not just all agree #hatesucks?

  3. This is woke ESPN trying to expand their grievance brand into the Asian community, who generally are too busy working to be bothered with such nonsense. “Let’s lump the Asians into the ‘aggrieved people of color’ demographic…and we’ll use this washed up Lin guy to push the narrative”….a definitive example of the 2021 sports media mindset. They’ve gotta keep the Asians voting for the (D) candidate in the coming elections.

    The fact that Asians still vote 70% for such incompetent, pandering ass clowns is mind-boggling.

  4. Next time someone calls someone a mother fucker they need to make a federal case out of it about how they are being misgendered. “I am not a mother fucker. My baby mamma identifies as a man so I am a father fucker”.

  5. Isn’t this like saying it’s racist to say “Chinavirus?” I mean it DID come from China so if the shoe fits…….Plus this is just trash talk on the court which is part of any sport and competition. Stop using it to draw attention to yourself and drop the pearls.

  6. Here I thought the woke mob was restricted to the white guilt and BLM. If he thinks it`s so bad here maybe he should go back. While he`s at it he can ask how things are in Hong Kong, Wuhan and the concentration camps. Somebody called him a name. Maybe this the new definition of Linsanity……. Shut up, Pussy!

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