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You’re outta here!

It turns out Memorial Day Weekend was quite a weekend for umpires. First, we had OutKick founding father Clay Travis kicked out of an 11U travel ball tournament game for f-bombing an ump after what Clay describes as a terrible call where his son was called out for catcher interference for not getting out of the way when the catcher threw down to third base. Clay went on to say the ump seemed to have a deep-seated grudge against him as a public figure.

Then we have what happened Monday night in Allentown, PA at a Triple-A game where a hitter was kicked out after tossing his shinguard and hitting the ump in the foot.

Watch this!

Michael L. writes:

“Thoughts and prayers to this umpire’s foot/leg. I can’t imagine the pain he felt and PTSD he will have every time he sees a shin guard. The courage he showed staying behind the plate almost makes him as brave as Gabe Kapler with his Anthem protest.”

Like the cyclist hysteria that brewed up 10 days ago, this one should set off an avalanche of emails. I knew Brent P. in Indiana is a high-level umpire who should have thoughts on both ejections.

Here’s my take on Clay’s situation: He shouldn’t have used the f-bomb. The ump shouldn’t have made it personal. The ejection was warranted. Now, I hope there’s video footage of this confrontation because I LOVE content and this would be an OutKick all-timer.

The beauty of this Clay vs. umpire showdown is how it has triggered his enemies who have been waiting to pick a side opposite of their archnemesis. The blue checkmarks and Clay were pretty much on the same side on the Texas shooting story, which the checkmarks clearly hated, so this umpire thing is good for the content biz.

I’m going to miss the arguments and battles when the robot umps come along. We’ll look back fondly on these days of our lives.


• Eric in Colorado writes:

I am a long-time reader and I must say your column is second to none.  You have a refreshing knack of tapping into topics that relate to the “common dude” in America.  Your TNML is genius, I just wish I did not live in an apartment and I could participate 🙁  Anyway, keep up the great work and whatever Clay pays you is not enough !!!!  I approve a 50% raise.


Thank you for the raise, Eric.

Now, as for this apartment thing, you might remember the story of Michael from Layton who lived his entire life in an apartment until May of 2022 when he and his wife bought a great brick ranch with a beautiful yard and plenty of room to spread out and mow.

I need you to focus on your future and what it will take to claim your slice of the American Dream. It can happen. Let’s never forget what Michael wrote in an April email:

One main message I absolutely love to share is that this country, the one that many keep trying like all hell to say is racist, evil, unbearable, is without a doubt the best country in the world! Where else can a kid from the middle of El Paso and a really low-income Hispanic family, make it? This country is truly a place that serves as a reminder that Faith, a strong work ethic and a willingness to never give up, can in fact get folks ahead without blaming the world. I am psyched to be a part of this league and psyched to keep knocking out those that keep wanting to keep us Hispanics down and living off the government.

Keep grinding away, Eric. You’re a Screencaps reader, so that’s your first advantage in life right now. Ask the Screencaps community questions. Is there an emailer you’d like to connect with who could serve as a mentor? Name them. We’ll connect you to that person.

Rooting for others to succeed

I was on the golf course Sunday with my buddy Canoe Kirk suckin’ down Busch Lights at a semi-private country club here in NW Ohio (seriously, $3 Busch Lights at a semi-private club where I got married…$4 crafts!) and the topic of economic jealously to tear down others came up.

We both agreed how ugly it is when people root against others because they have a decent savings account, very little to no debt, and a future financial plan. You know the people I’m talking about: those who live above their means, crushing debt, absolutely no future plan besides inheritance.

You know what, I’m rooting for Eric…HARD…to get that slice of the Dream. I’m rooting for nothing but success for Michael from Layton and that incredible brick ranch that he bought. I was fist-pumping when Eddie from Acworth, GA showed off his backyard pool complex with his incredible outdoor fireplace setup.

“This is not to brag-we worked hard and planned for this for years,” Eddie wrote in that email.

Hell yeah, Eddie! He and his wife worked their asses off for that complex.

Root for one another in a healthy way.

I’m rooting for Reid who had his yard ripped up by excavators. I’m rooting for all of you saving for that first home. I’m rooting for those who are trying to keep family businesses afloat. My family buys groceries from 93-year-old Walt Churchill Jr., who served 30 years in the Marines and returned home to run the local family grocery business his grandfather started in 1917. It’s not unordinary to see Walt Jr. driving around town or at the grocery. He’s 93!

I’m rooting for Carlos, the local Mexican restaurant owner, who opened his first place around the time when my wife and I were first married. It was in a decrepit old Wendy’s building. On Saturday nights, my wife and I would be the only customers in the place from 6 to 8.

Now Carlos and his wife own several restaurants and they’re about to open a new one in our little historical downtown.

You have no idea how hard I root for that guy. And Sergio the Mexican food truck operator who started out small and now calls the food truck his full-time job.

I guess the point this morning is to root your ass off for those who are busting theirs to gain that slice of the Dream.

That little slice of heaven

• Today, my buddy Diesel made an early-morning declaration via the text group:

Guys…the wife and I talked last night. We have declared this the summer of the backyard! Our plans are to spend as much time in our backyard as possible, watching sports, grilling out, working in the yard, drinking at home. The days of partying out are over because the cost is just going up and up! We have built a little slice of heaven and we plan on using it as much as possible.

I like this mindset. I’m rooting HARD for D.

Work anniversary

• Matthew F. writes:

Congrats on two years! Also, I’m considering you as the only sole survivor from the Outkick reboot, as I’m still not sure that Bobby Burack is a real person or not.


Guys, Bobby really exists! I promise!

Now I have no choice but to get Bobby on video proving you guys wrong.

Unofficial TNML podcast submission

• Ryan Hyatt — I use his full name because he’s a public figure who works in the radio business out in West Texas — writes:

First off, thanks so much for posting some of my pics on screen caps. Really cool and means a lot to West Texas Folks to have some highlights on our scenery out here. It’s a little different from around the country!

Second, I am humbly submitting a podcast I host for the Unofficial TNML Podcast. 

I host a podcast with Carl Johnson, Race and Sportsbook Director from the MGM Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS, Bill Berman ( Job Unknown, Ocean City, NJ) and Stevie Shrimp each week. We hit on sports, sports wagering, lifestyle topics and of course lots of food and drink. We usually record our show Thursday night and post later that evening. The perfect nightcap for TNML members to finish out the day. Carl is featured weekly on VSiN show The Lombardi Line, with former NFL GM Michael Lombardi. 

I’ll give you a link to our last show. Give it a listen. You can check out other shows on all the major platforms. 

I’d be honored to be the unofficial TNML podcast. We’re here… for America! 

Thanks again for what you do… And keep those posts coming about Little League and more. Seriously, folks need normal and they need to relate to families doing family things! 

Steelers fan working a corner

• Harvey D. in Toledo writes:

If someone is gonna panhandle, I guess honesty is the best policy. Base of the High Level at 51 and Summit. The things you see in the Glass City! 


And with that, we’re ready to get out there and bust our asses on the first day of June. The music, beers, lemonade, iced tea & hot dogs off the grill hit differently this time of year. Take advantage of that daylight.

Have a great day across this incredible country. Don’t let the miserable idiots win the day.


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Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.


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