Jemele Hill, Who Desperately Needs You To Buy Her Book, Has 10 Copies In Background During Interview

I should be tired of writing about Jemele Hill at this point, and the truth is, I kinda am. But, to her credit, she provides many excellent opportunities to poke fun at her. She’s basically a cartoon character at this point.

Think that’s an exaggeration? I promise it’s not. TMZ interviewed Hill and posted it on their website on Thursday. She talked about LeBron James and some other stuff that no one cares to hear her opinion about.

In fact, I didn’t even hear her opinion because I didn’t notice anything other than her bookshelf. To prepare for this interview, Hill strategically set up the backdrop. How do you promote a book that no one’s buying? By showing that you have 10 copies on your own shelf!

Jemele Hill finally found a place for all the unsold copies of her book. Her own bookshelf!
Jemele Hill finally found a place for all the unsold copies of her book. Her own bookshelf!

I mean, please tell me that’s not something that “Family Guy” or “South Park” would do as a joke to make fun of someone obsessively self-promoting?

Even Dr. Rick, a fictional character created by Progressive to sell auto insurance, doesn’t keep that many copies of his fake book on his fake bookshelf.

Dr. Rick keeps less copies of his fictional book on his shelf than Jemele does real copies of her own book
Dr. Rick keeps less copies of his fictional book on his shelf than Jemele does real copies of her own book. (image credit: Progressive)

Despite the crazy over-promotion, Jemele Hill isn’t selling any books

We’ve done the stories before about how poorly the book is doing. Let’s get an update, shall we?

As of Dec. 1, Hill’s book ranks 6,973rd on Amazon’s seller list. It’s the 8th highest-ranked journalist biography, which is funny for a couple reasons. First, Amazon is being generous on what it considers a “journalist” to be. Second, she couldn’t even crack the top five of that VERY niche market.

But, at least we found out why there are 10 of them on her bookshelf. She had to do SOMETHING with the unsold copies!

Jemele Hill ranks almost 7,000th on the Amazon books list.
Jemele Hill is really struggling to sell books.

“But, Dan … who buys hardcover books anymore? She’s probably selling digital copies since she’s so popular with the hip, young crowd,” you might be thinking.

Well, unnamed voice in my head, I am glad you asked about that! Her Kindle version is actually outside the top 66,000 (!!) in sales (who knew there were even that many Kindle books available?)

“But Dan,” the unnamed voice begins to wonder aloud again, “she was on TV and is more known for her speaking presence. Surely she is selling TONS of audiobooks!”

That’s a great thought, unnamed voice, and it turns out, you’re right! In terms of audiobooks, Hill cracks the Top 1,500! What a banner day for her! Granted there are far less audiobooks than actual books available, but she’s gotta take the wins when she can.

Jemele Hill audiobook is actually inside the top 1,500 books!
Jemele Hill’s audiobook rankings on Amazon, about which she must be so proud.

Her audiobook is 9 hours and 15 minutes. Can you imagine listening to Jemele Hill lecture you on how tough her life is for 9 hours?

Actually, that gives me a great idea. Are you in a fantasy football league? Sure you are.

Punishment for the league’s loser: listen to Jemele Hill’s entire audiobook from beginning to end in one sitting. You’ll see more trades and waivers moves in your league than you ever thought imaginable.

Written by Dan Zaksheske

Dan began his sports media career at ESPN, where he survived for nearly a decade. Once the Stockholm Syndrome cleared, he made his way to Outkick. He is secure enough in his masculinity to admit he is a cat-enthusiast with three cats, one of which is named “Brady” because his wife wishes she were married to Tom instead of him.

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