Jemele Hill & Cari Champion Ask Jake Paul If It Was Racist To Knockout Nate Robinson

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Go ahead and sit down. I don’t need you passing out while listening to Jemele Hill and Cari Champion ask Jake Paul if it was racist of him to knock out Nate Robinson during a boxing match on the Roy Jones Jr.-Mike Tyson undercard.

“Jake, considering where we are right now in our racial conversation in America, was what you did to Nate Robinson racist?” Hill asks Paul while smiling and chuckling.

What? Are we all being trolled here by Jemele and Cari? Yes, we are.

“We trolled the hell out of Jake,” Jemele announced in a December 3 tweet featuring the video.

Uh, OK. Great one, ladies. You two really nailed this one. Let’s be honest here, these two wanted to race bait Jake Paul. They wanted him to go nuts, tell them to f–k off and cut the interview short. They wanted to goad him into creating a scene so then they could use it as bait for their viewers — all 225 of them. Jemele and Cari can say this was a LOLOLOL it’s just a troll job moment, but we aren’t dumb.

It doesn’t take a genius to see the end goal here.


Written by Dallas Jackson


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    • He didn’t take the bait so its a joke. It is like someone making a rude comment then when they see the reaction on the other person’s face, oh I was just joking. If Jake Paul would have gotten upset then it would have turned ugly. It became a joke when it didn’t go off the way these two clowns planned.

  1. Looks like “Mason” got tired of waiting for those hockey articles. And stop referring to black athletes in these articles as brother’s. It’s brotha. Can you dig it? You know this site is doing a great job and striking some left wing nerves when its getting left wingers to pony up $99 so they can troll. Of course, it was probably funded by Zuckerberg’s get out the vote donations.

    • Greg. Let’s hear everybody out and weigh each thought and experience carefully. Don’t get personal. You can disagree with idea or thought, but these two men are valuable and can add to discussion and understanding. By the way, I’m a conservative.

  2. Hi, Mason. I didn’t make a blanket generalization but a specific observation based on your comments. Now you’re obviously a man’s man, someone who considers himself an old timer. Lots of life experiences, military vet who served in an elite unit. I know this because you told us. See, in my short time on this earth and nowhere near the worldly guy you are, I’ve learned that most guys who talk about how old they are, their military experience, and how smart they are, are overcompensating for something. Like Lebron James and his fake black radical, trying to act like a Black Panther, bull shit. You see, he overcompensates. Because he’s really not that guy. There’s guys out there who are. He’s not. Now, I’m not in some fantasy sports world like you seem to be in. Just a guy on Outkick site who occassionally comments on articles that catch his attention. That’s all. And if anyone is looking in a mirror, I think its Brother Mason. All 53 years of him. Wearing the old Delta uniform. Telling himself what a bad mutha fu–a he is. Anyways, I hope I’m wrong. Good talk my man.

  3. Nate getting crumbled and stretched out by a white guy was something that a great % of the 13% cannot begin to handle. I mean it was overload. The winning guy had a line around the block asking for a fight to make the order of things correct again. Literally that shit can’t happen.

  4. Jemele Hill has the intellectual capacity of a poor man’s Lester Maddox. Her views are on par with George Wallace, and seems to be advocating for the return to separate but equal. Whites can only fight whites, Black only sports leagues. It’s the only conclusion you can draw from this line of questionable behavior. In her world Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron and Willie Mays are sellouts and Colin Kaepernick and Lebron are heroes. The trained amateur beat the untrained amateur in a boxing match and now pro fighters are lining up to fight an amateur? Who exactly are the fragile ones?

    • If you ever notice…the ones who often seem to be most against integration are in fact black. But that might be because spreading the idea that racism is occurring everywhere and all the time might be a motivating factor to divisively segregate.

  5. hearing Rush Limbaugh read from Jason’s column today made me smile.

    smile be dammed. we have big problems in this country folks.

    in what seems like a blink of an eye, since whuhan and their famed virus attack, we have given in to rich athletes (entertainers of all kinds) and their desires, bored overeducated ladies (and coronaboy friends) and their desires and lefty billionares and their desires.

    i love sports, women and this country, but 2 of the 3 have lost some sparkle; and the 3rd is teetering.

    we need to stop ‘understanding’ the decline in our culture and hold people accountable – ie Le

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