Jeff Fisher Inspires Immediate USFL Rule Change

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Former NFL head coach Jeff Fisher hasn’t yet found success in the USFL, but he’s certainly making an impact.

During last week’s game between Fisher’s Michigan Panthers and the Philadelphia Stars, Fisher called a post-touchdown timeout after having already elected to try for a 1-point extra point. Following the time out, Fisher changed his mind, wanting to instead try for a two-point conversion. His request was disallowed by game officials, as stated in the USFL rule book.

Following the game, Fisher proposed to the league that the rule should be changed to allow teams to change their original point-after decision, if they so choose. The league accepted Fisher’s request and has since opted to change the rule, effective immediately.

Per the league, “Starting in Week 5, the USFL has accepted a proposed rule change from Jeff Fisher that will now allow a coach to use a time-out to change his original extra-point option if the ball has not been snapped and the offense has not committed a pre-snap penalty.”

The league’s decision, which was released in a statement by Mike Pereira, the USFL’s Head of Officiating, continued: “Also, if the defense fouls before the ball is snapped, the scoring team will be allowed to change their option and have the penalty yardage enforced from that spot.”

This marks the second consecutive week that the USFL has made an in-season rule change. Prior to Week 4 games being played, the league implemented new running clock rules aimed at speeding up the pace of games.

Fisher’s Michigan Panthers are off to a 1-3 start, but their coach is undefeated when it comes to petitioning the league for in-season rules changes.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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