Former Rams Players Share Epic Story About Jeff Fisher And Beer

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Jeff Fisher is a big fan of using beer to boost morale.

Fisher, who is currently in the USFL, hasn’t coached in the NFL since he was fired by the Rams during the 2016 season.

During one of his rough starts with the Rams, he apparently started tossing around beers to try to cheer up his players.

Yes, an NFL head coach was slinging ice cold beers to cheer up the roster.

Jeff Fisher once handed out beers in an attempt to cheer up players. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

“The man came in with some beers and said, “F**k it. We’re going to start over,” and he started handing out beers,” former Rams linebacker Daren Bates said during a conversation with his old teammate Benny Cunningham.

Bates said Fisher was throwing beers around “like Steve Austin” during his little stunt.

You can say a lot of things about Jeff Fisher, but the one thing you can’t say is that he isn’t memorable. He most certainly is.

Even though it’s been years since he’s ran an NFL team, clips of him surface all the time. None are more famous than his infamous speech about not settling for a 7-9 season.

He was literally fired the same season he gave the speech during camp.

Now, two of his former players have shared a story about him handing out beers to players after starting 1-3.

He was simply attempting to reset the schedule. Nothing more. Nothing less, and he apparently needed some beer to get the job done.

It’s simply an incredible visual to imagine. Think about Nick Saban or Bill Belichick doing the same. It’s impossible. Yet, it’s very reasonable to close your eyes and see Fisher handing out ice cold beers.

Former Rams players share a story about Jeff Fisher handing out beers during a rough start. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Hopefully, Jeff Fisher finds his way back into the NFL because that’s the kind of content people crave.

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