Arizona Football Coach Reacts To Realignment Chaos: ‘We Have A Great Brand’

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Arizona football coach Jedd Fisch isn’t sweating conference realignment rumors.

The PAC-12’s inability to land a new media has become a major story in college sports, and there has been a lot of speculation the conference might not survive.

Specifically, it’s believed the Big 12 would love to poach Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State and Utah. The longer the PAC-12 goes without a media deal, the more likely it might be that teams jump ship.

Colorado appears to be the one closest to leaving, but nobody seems to have any idea what will happen.

Will Arizona leave the PAC-12? (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Jedd Fisch talks Big 12/PAC-12 rumors.

While there’s plenty of chaos consuming the PAC-12, Jedd Fisch thinks Arizona will be just fine whether it’s in the Big 12 or PAC-12.

“Arizona is going to have a place to go, and that’s what I tell our recruits, that’s what I tell our donors, that’s what I tell our families of current personnel. We have a great brand…We’re fine. Where we play our road games, we’ll wait and see from our president,” Fisch said during an appearance on “
Next Up with Adam Breneman.”

Fisch also made it clear conversations about realignment are above his pay grade and left to administrators.

Arizona football coach Jedd Fisch isn’t panicking about realignment.

What’s most interesting about Jedd Fisch’s comments is what he didn’t say. He didn’t make it clear the Wildcats intend to stick with the PAC-12.

In fact, the Arizona head coach made it crystal clear the university intends on making whatever decision is “in the best interest of the University of Arizona.”

If he knew for sure the Wildcats weren’t going anywhere, he’d probably just say it. That’s not what happened. Jedd Fisch just said Arizona will be fine no matter where the team’s “road games” are played.

Very interesting choice of words. Very interesting, indeed.

Arizona football coach Jedd Fisch reacts to realignment rumors. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Now, there’s no reason to read into it past that. His comments are just proof the situation remains unresolved and fluid. Jedd Fisch’s mindset is correct. The Wildcats will be fine no matter what happens. When will a resolution come? That remains to be seen, but it does seem from Fisch’s comments anything is possible.

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