Jay Cutler Dropped From Uber Promo Over His Stance Against Masking Children

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Jay Cutler retired from the NFL to embrace a new position: man of the people.

The unapologetic, former quarterback — lauded for his strong arm and remarkable dude energy — announced that he has been pulled from an Uber-NFL promotional campaign after voicing his opinions on school boards’ strict mask mandates on children.

Cutler has quoted videos of passionate parents — including OutKick founder Clay Travis’ grilling of the Williamson County Board on Tuesday — fighting for their children’s right to forego masks and additional PPE in the classroom setting. All based on the CDC data that supports children’s safety from serious COVID effects.

This week has seen a number of fired up speeches on behalf of parents who are determined to battle science-less decisions from school boards. Cutler, a father of three, has been supportive in the fight against mask mandates, landing him in some hot water with corporations that are monitoring behavior in order to retain their monopoly of opinions.

The decision from Uber was a clear play at keeping the right politics on board rather than allowing for a diversity of opinion across their promotions.

As talking heads critique Cutler for “anti-science” remarks, his work alongside pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly has helped support children struggling with diabetes — a demographic heavily impacted by COVID-19 — since 2009. Cutler has also participated in Dedicated to Diabetes, and is the founder of the Jay Cutler Foundation, which has aided at-risk youth struggling in and out of high schools.

As data surrounding the dangers of COVID among children prove that the virus, and all of its iterations, are less lethal when compared to typical flu seasons, companies like Uber willingly avoid the data in order to make examples out of differing opinions. Which doesn’t appear to be working.

Thankfully, Cutler doesn’t give an eff about Uber’s opinions — also adding “Future School board member” to his Twitter bio.

Cutler’s opinions on masking children were called out by Keith Olbermann, meaning the former QB must have said something right.

Cutler’s response:

Smokin Jay Cutler

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. true story: friend of mine had to call for an uber due to car trouble. didn’t have a mask. driver told him he couldn’t come in his car. friend explained he didn’t have a mask. driver asks if he was vaccinated. friend says yes. driver takes him.

    friend was vaccinated by his mother 60 years ago. not since.

    take a hike uber.

  2. Never liked Uber, but used Lyft a lot and enjoyed the service… between the goofy California politics and the Covid hysteria, it has become impossible to get a ride unless one is willing to pay for the “upgrade premium service!” I said fuck it and started riding the bus into downtown San Diego and love it.

  3. If Keith Olberman is talking shit about you them you are obviously doing something right. Dudes a total psycho, and a major douche bag. Keep it up Jay. You are doing gods work. Fuck the noise.

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