Jay Cutler Bags Massive Bear On Successful Hunting Trip

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Jay Cutler successfully took down a massive bear.

The former NFL QB is known for being an avid outdoorsman. Cutler can’t seem to get enough of nature and hunting since stepping away from football a few years ago.

His latest adventure took him to Montana, and he’s coming home with a massive bear for his trophy room.

The former Chicago Bears gunslinger posted a photo of himself with the downed beast and noted he’s headed home to celebrate with some of his Gratis beer. Check out the awesome kill below.

Jay Cutler proves he’s a solid hunter.

As noted above, Cutler isn’t some fake outdoorsman. Unfortunately, social media allows fraud to be easily spread.

Half the Instagram models out there are living fake lives, a surprising amount off the famous veterans on social media are absolutely full of it when it comes to their careers (as discussed on American Joyride!) and you can trick people into believing just about anything.

You can throw on some camo, grab a rifle or bow, take a photo with a dead animal, claim to be a great hunter and very few people will do any due diligence.

Jay Cutler kills massive bear in Montana. (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)

Cutler is actually the real deal when it comes to hunting. This is the man who legit threw on high quality night vision to hunt whatever was killing his chickens.

No frauds out there are rocking NVGs. That’s something I can promise you.

Cutler now has a massive bear he can skin and mount somewhere at his home. It looks like he walked right of the Yellowstone ranch.

Celebrating with a beer is just the cherry on top. If that’s not an all-American experience, I don’t know what is.

Props to Cutler for getting after it up in Montana. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’ve never been before, especially if you manage to come home with a huge bear.

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