Jay Cutler Angling For Another Broadcasting Job

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Last month, Jay Cutler watched another former quarterback, Troy Aikman, land a broadcasting deal for an estimated $17.5 million per season and suddenly got the itch to return to the broadcast booth himself. Can you blame him?

Shortly after retiring from the NFL in 2017, the former Vanderbilt star and first-round draft pick signed on to call games for Fox. But then the Miami Dolphins came calling with a one-year $10 million contract to replace injured starter Ryan Tannehill, and Cutler quickly dropped the mic for a chance to return to the huddle.

With his playing days now firmly in the rearview mirror, Cutler would now welcome the opportunity to head back to the booth.

“I would love to do it. I think it’s a fun gig. It keeps you in the game,” Cutler said via Front Office Sports. “If an opportunity arises, I would jump at it.”

Cutler’s no stranger to the media. Since retiring, the quiet but affable ex-quarterback appeared in an E! reality series with then-wife Kristin Cavallari, he currently hosts a podcast, and he is a founding partner in the media company, Outsider.

That recent media experience and the ever-changing social media landscape has Cutler anxious to add his voice to the football conversation.

“Whenever I played football, it was business. I went out there and did my job. When you go into some of these press conferences, you have your stock answers that you give. That’s how it was for me,” he told Front Office Sports. “Social media has changed the NFL and sports in general. I think players have a much bigger voice than now than when I started playing.”

After mentioning that his agent has already been in touch with several networks, the 38-year-old Cutler added: “I could do everything I wanted to do. Color commentary is kind of the last bucket. If I can get that filled, it would be great.”

The paycheck isn’t bad either.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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