Report: Troy Aikman Set To Join ESPN For ‘Monday Night Football’

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Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and long-time broadcaster for Fox Sports Troy Aikman is likely switching booths this upcoming season.

As first reported by the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand, Aikman is expected to join ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast booth after a 20-year tenure with Fox. Aikman’s team and ESPN are considered “in deep negotiations,” as of reporting on Wednesday. The deal is estimated to land at five years and roughly $17.5 million per season.

Initial reporting by Marchand detailed that ESPN’s strong bid for Aikman would potentially exceed Tony Romo’s lucrative contract with CBS. Romo signed with the network for 10 years, $180 million in 2017, and now co-leads alongside Jim Nantz.

Aikman, 55, will leave broadcast partner Joe Buck and Fox Sports after two decades of work. From narrating brisk afternoons in Lambeau to following the ups and downs of his own Cowboys, Aikman should fit well with ESPN’s plan to fortify their coverage after a run of uneven casts.

Aikman was also vetted by Amazon to lead their serious bid into primetime coverage. Amazon is reportedly going all-in on signing NBC’s Al Michaels.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. I appreciate that there are quality standards for sports announcers… but the like/dislike factors seem to always come down to personalities. Some fan goobers will always HATE Troy Aikman because of his connection to the Hated Cowboys. Why there is such intense HATRED for Joe Buck defies explanation.
    Personally, I never pay attention to who is “doing the game”. Unless the camera shows them I never know or care who is “in the booth”. I have grown tired of Dick Vitale’s over-the-top style but he is “a good guy” so I cut him slack. I did like Keith Jackson a lot.

    • Many don’t like Joe Buck because there are certain teams that he does not like an it is obvious. Kansas City Royals is one of them. He get on a narrative and he just can’t get off of it. He is most obnoxious of all the announcers. Also listen to his interviews, he hates fans as he thinks he is smartest guy in the room and fans are just stupid.

    • Joe Buck sounds bored when he calls games, he has to constantly talk, also like he’s above calling the games for the general public. He’s the same for baseball or football. He also has his biases for/against certain teams. Smoltz and Aikman both sound formulaic in their analysis. I think Aikman will do well on MNF once he escapes the shadow of being in the booth with Buck. Networks desperately need to change up announcers every decade otherwise they become stale.

  2. When it comes to announcers, as long as they are understandable, they’re all pretty much the same. Of course Aikman does use “awfully” a lot (do NOT play that as a drinking game), but he’s still pretty good. But, when Mark Schlereth can be an analyst, the bar is set extremely low. Amazingly he’s worse on the radio. Lucky for him, people don’t watch for the announcers, often in spite of them.

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