Javy Baez Homered and Had Some Words For a Heckler

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Javy Baez has never been a particularly shy player. As a Cub, he famously mocked opposing pitcher Amir Garrett after hitting a walk off:

Baez is now on the Detroit Tigers, who were in Phoenix on Friday to play the Arizona Diamondbacks.

You wouldn’t necessarily expect there be to a heated rivalry between the Tigers and Diamondbacks fans, considering they rarely play one another and have no specific history of animosity.

But one Diamondbacks fan apparently felt very strongly about the Tigers or Baez in particular and could be heard heckling the players during the early portions of the game.

It almost immediately backfired.

In the top of the third inning, Baez launched a 459-foot grand slam home run off of Merrill Kelly and instead of simply admiring his work, decided to turn the tables on the hecklers:

When asked about it after the game, Baez admitted his first thought after the homer was the fans chirping at him:

“Nothing bad. He was talking good trash,” Báez said. “I turned back, and they were just laughing. So, it was competition stuff. As soon as I hit that ball, the first thing that came to my mind was all this other stuff that he was saying. It was pretty fun.”

It seems obvious that the lesson to learn from this is that if you really want to taunt a baseball player, maybe pick someone other than Javy Baez to target.

Written by Ian Miller

Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, author, and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, traveling, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter @ianmSC

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