Javon Kinlaw Verbally Accosts 49ers Beat Reporter On Live Stream

49ers defensive lineman Javon Kinlaw got into a verbal confrontation with a Sports Illustrated reporter during a live stream Tuesday night.

Reporter Grant Cohn was describing an encounter between he and Kinlaw during Tuesday’s practice, when the 49ers’ 2020 first round pick called in. Kinlaw said he took issue with the way Cohn covers the team and proceeded to verbally accost him.

“Somebody’s gotta press you, and it’s gotta be me,” Kinlaw said, via the New York Post. “You like to come on here and try to bully people on the internet, but when I come up on you and try to press you in f–king person, you f–king shaking like a coward, voice lighter than my f–king baby.”

Cohn then asked, “Do you think I’m scared of you, Javon?”

“I don’t give a f–k if you are or not, all I know is when I walked up on you your f–king body temperature was as cold as ice,” Kinlaw said. “Straight b****. Your f–king balls shriveled up. Little d–k n—-r.”

According to the New York Post’s report, Kinlaw had an alleged run-in with Cohn at 49ers practice, in which Kinlaw knocked the hat off Cohn’s head. Cohn has been critical of the 49ers’ selection of Kinlaw. After Kinlaw tore his ACL in October 2021, Cohn wrote, “Unless this knee surgery fixes his knee completely, he’ll go down as a medical bust.”

Kinlaw has appeared in 18 games over the past two seasons, racking up 41 tackles and 1.5 sacks.

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Written by Nick Geddes

Nick is a 2021 graduate of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor's degree in journalism and a minor in political science. Nick is a life-long sports fan who is proud to say he suffered through 15 years of Bucs futility to witness a Super Bowl victory in 2020. Nick has a passion for writing and is proud to represent OutKick. Follow me on Twitter @NickGeddesNews and on Instagram @nick.geddes.


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  1. LoL.. Good intellectual debate w/ the ad hominins. If dude has a problem produce the quote and iron it out or stfu. Talkin with his mouth full the whole time. Nobody is impressed that he can buck up on a nerdy ass reporter that weighs 100lb less lol..

    If I was the reporter I would have put my clown shoes on but taking the high road was probably the best move.

  2. That is one dumb motherfucker. South Carolina must be very proud of this ignorant, obviously low IQ former player. I wonder at what grade level this moron reads. You just know Kinlaw wanted to call Cohn a White motherfucking honkie. Surprised he could control himself that much that he didn’t.

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