Jason Whitlock Leaving Outkick

Last June we announced Jason Whitlock would be joining Outkick.

Since that time he has provided a series of fantastic columns illuminating and analyzing many of the great divides this country faces. I’m extremely proud of the work he’s done at Outkick and of the fact that we published that work and advanced the marketplace of ideas in the worlds of sports, politics, race, and culture.

As a result of the growth of Outkick, Jason’s profile has also grown immensely and he now wishes to carve his own career path as opposed to being a partner at Outkick.

As someone who founded and owns his own company, I don’t want to ever stand in the way of any talented person having control of their own future.

So as much as I value Jason’s work, friendship, and the incredible asset that he’s been to Outkick, I’m excited to see what he’s capable of going forward. I’m sure it will be fantastic and I’ll be reading and listening to his work there just as I have read and listened to his work at the Kansas City Star, ESPN, Fox and Outkick.

As for Outkick, we’ll keep right on rolling. January is poised to be the largest month, by far, in the site’s history and we have several exciting hires to announce in the near future.

As always, thanks for your support of Outkick and best of luck to Jason at his future endeavors.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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  1. Obviously others with ego’s more fitting of their talents than you understand Jason’s value going forward and I am thrilled for Jason and whomever hires him for their mutually beneficial future together, a future that will leave your rinkydink “Outfit” in the rear view mirror. And btw, cancel my VIP membership and I’ll send you back your crappy book with my autograph.

  2. Clay, you and Jason have both done amazing work together these past few months. I came here to this website because of Whitlock but I am going to stay because you and the others here at OutKick do amazing work. I will also follow Whitlock wherever he goes. You will both be getting my support.

  3. I’ve been a huge fan since Jason first wrote incredibly insightful but politically risky analyses of the Patriot Way way back at the Star. His marriage with this unwoke alternative to ESPN was a timely gift to millions of alienated sports fans. The combo was a juggernaut. I’ll follow both but it’s bittersweet – they were uncancellable together.

  4. I have left comments after many of Jason’s articles. They have always been the same: “Jason you’re anointed”. Thank you Clay for Outkick. I will continue to subscribe and read. Given the spirit of the age, Jason’s voice needs to break all barriers and have no boundaries. Thank you Clay for supporting his flight.

  5. Jason has always been one of my very favorite columnists and he will definitely be missed on this site, but I love Outkick and plan on being a VIP for many years to come………..unless they go the away of our Mainstream Media and turn Communists!!

  6. So are Whitlock’s columns gone from Outkick too? Don’t see him or his work on the home page on my phone. Wouldn’t those pieces remain Outkick property? There’s much wisdom to be found in the work he did for this site. Where can we find it?

  7. Disappointed to hear, but not entirely surprising. Jason seems to like being a free agent and there was a noticeable lack of posts of late. Clay, you are fantastic. Jason has been fantastic. Bummer that he has his sights elsewhere, but c’est la vie.

  8. Good luck to Whitlock. I hope he finds what he is seeking in this next phase of his life. I’m disappointed I’ll not be able to enjoy his writing any longer. Just can’t afford another media outlet fee. I had to turn off the Athletic after subscribing here. Can only do one sports site.

  9. Classy goodbye to Jason. Well written column, Clay.

    I signed up early in the pandemic because I needed to hear the positive reinforcement of what I was thinking and saying myself.

    I’m sure the optimistic outlook will continue at outkick. I’m also sure Jason will continue to really speak truth to power and show true bravery.

  10. On a personal note- LOVE JASON’s principled positions, and value his ability to convey the written/spoken word. That said, I’m concerned about his health. He didn’t look healthy on his recent FOX appearances. I would support Jason on any platform he chooses, but most importantly I hope he stays healthy and safe. Just imagine the crap he takes for being a former athlete/black from the herded masses. Please communicate to your OutKick audience ways we can support Jason. He’s a special faith-filled American!

  11. Jason, you are a voice that is needed. May God continue to Bless your journey. I heard you this week and your words were powerful. We were grateful to have you at Outkick and we will continue to follow you wherever you go!!!

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