Jason Kelce, JuJu Smith-Schuster Arrive To Super Bowl In VERY Different Outfits After Eagles Get Stuck In Traffic

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Jason Kelce and JuJu Smith-Schuster are two very, very different personalities. Although they will play in the same game on the same field at the same time on Sunday, the stark contrast between the two was made abundantly clear on their way into State Farm Stadium for Super Bowl LVII.

35-year-old Kelce, arrived first. However, it took him a little bit longer than expected.

As the six Eagles team buses hit the highway and traveled from the hotel to the stadium, they got stuck in traffic. All three lanes were blocked and Philadelphia’s motorcade had nowhere to go.

Fortunately, Arizona Highway Patrol was quick to the scene and made sure that the NFC Champions had a clear lane to the game.

They got there eventually!

After the unexpected delay, players started to get off of the bus. Many of them broke out their finest drip and showed up in their Super Bowl Sunday best.

Kelce was not one of them. He showed up in a pair of gym shorts, a t-shirt from his high school days, and a Super Bowl hat that could have been purchased at a merchandise stand outside of the stadium.

To complete the outfit, Kelce pulled up in the ultimate pair of New Balance “dad shoes” and mid-calve socks that did not match. It was a beautiful look, truly.

Not long thereafter, on the other side of the stadium, Kansas City arrived according to schedule. Patrick Mahomes stepped off the bus in a three-piece suit and a flashy pair of sunglasses.

Then came 26-year-old Smith-Schuster. His outfit was… unique!

Smith-Schuster hails from Southern California and is of Samoan heritage. The kilt did not correlate to his lineage, or Scottish family, or anything of that nature. He was just rocking a kilt to rock a kilt.

The contrast between JuJu Smith-Schuster’s outfit and Jason Kelce’s Super Bowl LVII outfits is staggering. But heyβ€” swag is swag!

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