Jared Goff’s SI Swimsuit Model Girlfriend Christen Harper Won Super Bowl Party Scene

Matthew Stafford might’ve won the Super Bowl, but off the field, it was Jared Goff’s girlfriend Christen Harper having a weekend to remember in Los Angeles where she spent years as the First Lady of Rams football.

Harper, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, spent the weekend on red carpets around Los Angeles as her boyfriend’s replacement, Stafford, was preparing to win a title for Stan Kroenke’s multi-billion-dollar franchise that finally found a quarterback capable of winning a Super Bowl title and returning glory to Los Angeles football.

Off the field, it was Harper putting on an absolute show at Saturday night’s Sports Illustrated party after doing work Friday night at SI’s Swimfluencer Network party in Hollywood.

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Just a year after being turned into a part-time Detroit resident, Harper has been on a historic rise amongst the SI swimsuit ranks that has led to OutKick determining that she deserves to be on the 2022 SI swimsuit cover — that is they don’t go woke like the past couple of years to appease the lib libs.

Harper has shown she’s ready to make the jump from NFL girlfriend to magazine cover model, but now the decision becomes whether the SI executives will make the right choice or resort to celebrity athletes on the cover to get 15 minutes of fame on the morning talk shows.

The right call is obvious: Harper deserves it, especially after her Super Bowl weekend performance.

As for Goff, he told Bally Sports that he was happy to see the Rams have success after he left town.

“I’m happy for those guys because I know how hard they’ve worked, and they deserve it,” Goff said. “Of course, as a human, you feel like you can be missing out at times. But I think about, if I was in that situation, how would they feel about me? They’d be equally as thrilled for me.”

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