Jared Goff Popped The Question To His Model Girlfriend Christen Harper

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Jared Goff’s first official pass of the 2022 season appears to have gone to the house. The recipient of the touchdown pass was his model girlfriend Christen Harper. The “pass” was a proposal and the “ball” was an engagement ring.

On Saturday Harper shared the news on Instagram that the Lions quarterback had proposed a couple of days ago with the caption, “6.16.22 can’t wait for forever with you.”

The announcement didn’t come in the form of an elaborate announcement or a bunch of in your face closeups of the engagement ring, although those could be on the way. It came in the form of a quick video of the two embracing after Harper presumably said yes.

Harper then shared in her Instagram Story a look at the scene Goff had setup for the special occasion and the fact that he flew in her best friends. She look on her face when she realized she got to celebrate with her friends says it all.

Instagram/Christen Harper


Instagram/Christen Harper

Goff and Harper have been an item for over three years now. A lot has changed during that time. Goff went from playing in a Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams to being sent to Detroit in a trade for Matthew Stafford, we all know how that worked out. Harper has gone from a relatively unknown model to the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

Goff had to know she was the one when she followed him from Los Angeles to Detroit. No offense to the city of Detroit, but it doesn’t compare to the weather in Los Angeles.

Congratulations to both of them. I’m a sucker for a good athlete and model love story. And I’m not a Lions fan, but I am rooting for Goff to do well in Detroit.

Written by Sean Joseph

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