Clay Travis: Jan 6 Hearings Are Really Just Trump’s Third Impeachment Trial

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OutKick founder Clay Travis said the January 6 hearings have, so far, been a distraction from the things we need to be focusing on.

“This is, I believe, a colossal misunderstanding of what the American public wants you to focus on,” Travis said. “Five dollar a gallon gas, 8.6% inflation, surging murder rates all over the country … and you’re going to be focused on something that happened 18 months ago?”

Travis said this is really the third impeachment trial of Donald Trump and the goal is to prevent him from being re-elected in 2024.

Here’s everything Clay Travis had to say:

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  1. All BS political theatre trying to change the topic from the REAL issues like out of control inflation the wide open southern border but I tell you what I just got gas near $6 per gal and that’s for regular and they don’t have any fix it solution in fact the prez said he couldn’t do anything about it just amazing. They had no problem with the rioting burning looting taking over public streets attacking police precents assaulting people yeah all that’s just fine I guess

  2. Trump screwed the DeepState out of SO MUCH MONEY… Money from the US coffers being laundered thru Ukraine and he probably completely shut off the spigot for a while… But now Russia is on the brink of shutting the Ukrainian Money spigot off for good, plus letting the EU cut it’s own throat by boycotting Russian Energy.. meanwhile, Russia don’t care, they’re selling it to India and China – way bigger markets than Europe, plus fortifying the Ruble with gold. Meanwhile China keeps cutting US/European supply lines while ordering their American Puppets shut down US energy production.

    It’s a clown-world-shit-show and we got Front Row Tix — all so they can “get Trump.”

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